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Moses Gunn Collective

If there’s one thing in common Forte shares with Moses Gunn Collective, it’s a penchant for shiny things and a love for good quality music. As they’ve just released their new album Mercy Mountain we thought it was only fitting we took some time out for a chat.
Hi Guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to Forte magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 
I’m very well and thanks for asking, I’m currently eating a crumpet.
Congrats on the new album coming out! How are you feeling after all the hype and lead up to releasing an album? 
It’s very exciting business releasing new material and it’s our first real long player so we were super keen to get it out there. We’ve been attracting quite a bit of love and we’re all very chuffed!
Were there any celebrations in order for you as a band? 
Yes! We’ve been treating ourselves all week, but the real celebration starts on tour!
We’ve noticed the band has quite a love for tinsel and sparkly things, what draws you to the shiny things? 
We love dress ups and we always have. We used to always paint our faces and wear capes, now we do glitter and all things glam.
Will there be many sparkly things coming out on stage for the tour? 
You’re in for a real treat x
You are just about to kick things off, and it’s a nice few neat shows. But what are you like to travel with? 
We’re a mild mannered bunch by day, come afternoon we get a little rowdy, then we’re usually in bed by six.
We’re lovers of your track ‘Back to the Womb’ which talks a bit about how simple it was way back when, if you had the chance would you take things back to life as a child (we won’t go quite as far as the womb)?
Yeah for sure! No work. No rent. No stress. Just running round the park and napping in the sand pit.
Music is often a great chance to really nut out any ideas and thoughts you have as a band, do you have any as a group that are too crazy/will be misunderstood if they were put in a song? 
Oh yeah we got a whole lot of crazy ideas that should probably stay under wraps. Lewis has fallen into the habbit of recording Aidan and Bella’s late night drunken rants – the ideas discussed there are as ludicrous as they are nonsensical… in a good way though.
Thanks again for having the chat with Forte, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
Que Sera xxxxx
When & Where: Album Launch @ Shebeen Bandroom, Melbourne – August 21