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This year marks the first time Anklepants, AKA Dr Reecard Farché, will head to earthcore and he’s bound to put on a good show, as there’s a saying, ‘one you go Anklepants, you never go back’.
Hi Anklepants, AKA Dr Reecard Farché, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?
Hello and facé to you, nicé to meet you. I have been enjoying the ever so nicé weather the sun has been producing over the last few weeks before the blizzard sets in. Preparing my facé for the next onslaught of nicéness in the coming months, tried my hand at socialising… that kind of thing.
So we’ve heard that ‘once you go Anklepants you never go back’, what happens to listeners in that first experience of listening to your music?
Yes, apparently The Darkness finally got nicé on twitter a few days ago and spilled the facé beans, but yeah, usually it’s pretty much a full body orgasm. Though it starts at the ears as opposed to the normal means . i.e. stimulation of genitals or other sensitive parts of the human body. I mean, everyone is different so it’s hard to speak generally about this experience. I don’t make advertising to sell people cool points, so be sure the music might change tempo and or content a few times within a course. I just say listen to as much as possible, as it’s changing quite drastically over each release – as humans generally change their ideas views and opinions so does people music.
You’re said to be a ‘shapeshifter’ as well, what other figures have you taken over the years?
Aside from removing my human mask, thus shapeshifting into the form I’m mostly seen on stage and or to those closer to me on a daily basis, and aside from the pages in the book also shifting, the cover has once been a character referred to as “The Bear” which was already getting things pretty nicé in around 2005-2006 in NSW and QLD. But in true convict spirit The Bear was buried cause it just wasn’t cool enough for the colony, but it will be back heaps nicér than any human could ever imagine a bear to be.
The sound you produce really is quite hard to define, though nothing should ever be pigeon-holed, and in the past you’ve even used animal noises in your tracks. What’s the appeal in these sounds and how do you select which animal noises make the cut?
I’m interested in sounds and animals so this is most likely how this phenomenon may occur. In the future I plan to use a lot more animal and nature sounds in my music. This idea came to fruition after not living in Australia for over five years and realising that really the only unique thing we have in Australia is nature, which should be looked after and documented. As for deciding what makes the cut, like any field recording if the desired content was recorded then it will be used in the part of the arrangement it was recorded for.
And you’re no stranger to the festival scene and have been announced as one of the artists performing at Earthcore in Australia, is this your first time at the festival? Looking forward to it?
Yes, cant wait for it, and yes it’s the first time for me at earthcore. I’ve heard it can be really hot and dry out there so I’m hoping I’m cloaked by night, or I’m really in trouble. But yes I think it will be one of the highlights of the tour for sure !!!
Out of everywhere you’ve performed, who has been the craziest crowd?
The definition of craziness obviously varies from place to place, but I think in the realm you’re asking Australia is definitely the most vocal and physically up for the task. Australians are the most aggressive and and not hesitant to throw things, so yeah pretty crazy.
Thanks again for the chat, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers?
No facé related problems … Pretty much leave the colony and stop playing string sticks, come and have a closer look at my facé in November and December. My last album is about to come out on double 12 inch and could be a really nicé idea to check that out. Pre orders are NOW available via the Love Love records website and will be released September 11.
When & Where: earthcore, pyalong – November 26-30
Image credit: Dina Schweiger