The Outdoor Gallery of Photography: A captivating melange of artistry unveiled in Central Geelong

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The Outdoor Gallery of Photography: A captivating melange of artistry unveiled in Central Geelong

Credit: Jane Fitzgerald
Credit: Jane Fitzgerald
Credit: Jane Fitzgerald
Credit: Jane Fitzgerald
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In a first for Geelong, local photographer Jane Fitzgerald has curated an outdoor laneway photography exhibition.

Shining a light on the incredible talent of our local photographers, the newly-launched Outdoor Gallery of Photography is taking center stage in the vibrant laneway of Dennys Place, nestled in the heart of central Geelong.

This awe-inspiring public art installation proudly showcases the extraordinary talents of 12 local photographic artists, transforming a humble laneway into a mesmerising visual feast.

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The Outdoor Gallery of Photography is more than just an exhibition; it’s an avenue for these artists to forge ongoing opportunities and share their artistic visions with the public.

Adhered to a laneway wall in Dennys’s place, each photograph featured in the installation is accompanied by an information QR code, providing viewers with a gateway to further explore the artist’s portfolio (either via website or Instagram) and dive deeper into their creative universe. It’s a chance for these talented individuals to raise their profiles and leave an indelible mark on the bustling art scene.

This carefully curated collection of artists boasts diverse styles, techniques, and perspectives, breathing new life into the Little Malop St precinct. From ethereal landscapes to striking portraits, the exhibition captivates with its eclectic fusion of visual narratives. Every frame tells a story, inviting passersby to pause, reflect, and immerse themselves in the world of each artist.


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The brainchild behind this remarkable exhibition is none other than local photographer Jane Fitzgerald, whose keen eye for talent and passion for promoting art in public spaces has brought this visionary project to life.

A photographic artist and freelance commercial photographer, with a fine art approach to her work, Fitzgerald has been making waves in the local scene in recent times, snapping portraits of talented locals, capturing beautiful weddings, and indulging our senses with incredible foodie shots. She has a love (and talent) for digital, 35mm film and infrared photography, and is particularly drawn to street, architecture and documentary styles of the medium.

With her feet firmly planted in the industry, Fitzgerald collaborated with Aeterna Lab Geelong for the Outdoor Gallery of Photography printing process, and enlisted the expertise of local photographers Jonathan Dredge and Josh De Hoog for the installation. In doing so, Fitzgerald has orchestrated a seamless symphony of creativity and craftsmanship.

“I created and curated this exhibition,” Fitzgerald says, “It’s been about 12 months of planning and utilising a council grant.

“The thoughts behind this laneway exhibition was that I wanted to give local photographers a chance to exhibit and gain some exposure, and to bring photography to the laneways of Geelong.

“I love art in unexpected places, free and accessible to all, to bring something interesting and arty to non-traditional spaces.”

As for the artists showcasing their works, the exhibition features a wide variety of creatives that have been carefully curated and selected, to bring life, art; an
attraction to the Little Malop St precinct. Featured photographers include the likes of Grace Seow, Bryan FitzGerald, Lucinda Goodwin, and Michael Chambers, among many others.

As you stroll through Dennys’s Place, lose yourself in the stories captured within the Outdoor Gallery of Photography, marvel at the technical prowess, and appreciate the unique perspectives offered by these gifted local artists.

For those intimidated by formal art shows and galleries, the outdoor laneway, which is free to access) takes away the restrictiveness and therefore this exhibition is for everyone, newcomers to photographic art, local community, and tourists alike.

This exhibition is a testament to the power of art to transform urban spaces into living galleries, igniting conversation, and fostering a sense of connection within the community.

Explore the laneway gallery for free (and fully accessible) at Denny’s Place in Geelong.

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