Thank you, but not now

Thank you, but not now

Hey guys!

So you may or may not know that this article is titled “This Hot Mess” because it’s the name of my Instagram blog. I named my blog that not only because I really do believe that life is a bit of a hot mess most of the time (hello nothing ever really going to plan and random shit always happening), but also because I am a bloody hot mess!

What does that mean? Well to me, it means I’m often highly anxious and not naturally organised. I’m easily distracted and I find normal tasks that most find easy, often quite difficult (don’t even get me started on how triggered I am by opening the mail!).

Now because of these hot mess tendencies, I am always on the lookout for ways to do life better and create peace in my mind… and this week, I found another one to add to my Hot Mess Tool Belt that’s working – praise sweet little baby Jesus! So I thought I’d pass on this great tip to my fellow Hot Mess’ who also suffer from obsessive-compulsive thought patterns, as I’ve been trialing this one out, and sometimes it really helps!

I heard it from Tamara Levitt on The Daily Calm app. She was talking about when you meditate, and you have persistent thoughts, scenarios or worries popping into your mind during your meditation, simply acknowledge the thought and tell yourself “thank you for bringing that to my attention, but not now”.

Something about that just works for me!!! If I’m at work and a conversation is replaying in my mind or I’m obsessively thinking about a plan that hasn’t been confirmed yet (classic me), I’ve been telling myself “thank you, but not now”, and it’s helping me refocus on being present to the task at hand, which is literally goals because being present is SO. BLOODY. HARD!!

So give it a go this week and let me know if it works for you too! You can find me on Instagram @kimelisecooper, I’d love to get a DM from you telling me about your experience!

All my love,
Kim xx