Sweat x Wonder: Geelong CBD’s first dedicated infrared sauna has opened to the public

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Sweat x Wonder: Geelong CBD’s first dedicated infrared sauna has opened to the public

There's a new infrared sauna studio in Geelong imbuing a sense of ritual, elevating our sense of well-being, and allowing us the freedom to be fully ourselves. 

Championing a new era of self-care and health in Geelong’s CBD, Sweat x Wonder is the new dedicated infrared sauna to open in the region.

Launched by the same team of wellness enthusiasts who created Wonder, the state-of-the-art movement and yoga space, Sweat x Wonder sees them turning their expertise to the practice of rest. Recognising that the day-to-day hustle of modern-day life was at odds with the science of rest, the Wonder team decided they wanted to change that and help people turn the radical act of rest into a core pillar of their wellness practice.

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Located in Geelong’s laneway district, Sweat x Wonder is the ultimate restorative experience for body and mind, offering state-of-the-art full spectrum infrared saunas to enrich your day, support your health goals, and foster a return to self.

By bringing together the ancient ritual of sauna bathing with transformative infrared science, the Wonder team have created a temple of rest where slowing down and recharging are honoured as valuable tools for health and happiness.

The dedicated space features two private infrared saunas. The medical-grade infrared wavelengths penetrate deep within tissue, muscles, and joints. By targeting your body at a cellular level, the wavelengths encourage your core temperature to gently rise, thereby increasing blood circulation, stimulating the lymphatic, immune and cardiovascular systems, and allowing the body and mind to reach a state of complete rest and rejuvenation.


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Traditional steam saunas heat the air around giving you that hot, humid and sweaty sauna experience, whereas infrared saunas gently warm your core body temperature. The benefits of infrared saunas include; Detoxification, Skin Health, Anti-aging, Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief, Immunity and Wellbeing, Stress Reduction and Sleep.

Your Infrared Experience begins with education about the sauna programs on offer while you breathe in the smells of hand-rolled sensory sticks, catch the smell of freshly brewed herbal tea and enjoy the complimentary alkaline water. If it is your first visit, the team will provide you a comprehensive rundown of the studio and how to use the infrared saunas. If you’re feeling nervous, the team offer a plus one to sessions for an extra $12.

The private sauna spaces are equipped with everything you need to recoil from the hustle and bustle of life and recharge your body and mind. From Chromtherapy – the science of using colour to adjust body vibrations to curated playlists and fluffy white towels, the 45 minutes is all yours to breathe deep and of course, sweat. There are luxurious change rooms and showers on site for those ready to reset for the rest of the day. You can also choose to linger in their spacious oasis-like lounge and take tea or just chill.

As for what programs on offer, you can choose from anti-aging program, cardio program, detoxification program, pain relief, stress relief or you can simply choose your own sauna experience. And as for the pricing, a 45 minute session will set you back just $38. There’s an introductory offer and sauna packs available.


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Located in the contemporary health and wellness space of Wonder Yoga in Geelong’s CBD, Sweat x Wonder offers a laid-back space with an indulgent edge, providing a nurturing environment for those who seek harmony, guided by the mantra that nurturing Self allows us to nurture others.

Seems like it’s time to get sweaty!

Find out more at Sweat x Wonder here.