Strathmore: Time Well Wasted

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Strathmore: Time Well Wasted

While my musical tastes constantly shift and change, there are a few artists and genres that I find myself coming back to. I keep coming back to high-energy, distortion-fuelled rock acts, like the Foo Fighters, Airbourne and Guns N’ Roses. Strathmore definitely fit that mould, and their debut album Time Well Wasted is absolutely bursting with energy.
The opening track, ‘Hometowns’, sounds like the lovechild of Dave Grohl and Tom Delonge – the punkish guitar tones mix perfectly with the hard rock energy in a way that makes my hair stand on end. That’s not to say that they can’t pull off more subdued tracks, though – parts of track 10, ‘Wasted’, could almost pass as soft-rock track a la Powderfinger. Strathmore strikes me as a band that would be a blast to see live – their tracks are best played loud, and when in full swing hit you like a punch to the face.
While the album does betray its debut nature here and there – the vocals are a bit sketchy on one or two tracks, but will no doubt improve over time – Time Well Wasted is still a really solid album. Every single one of the tracks fully showcases Strathmore’s talents, and there isn’t a single track that lets the album down.
I’m really excited to see what Strathmore come up with next; I’ve got a gut feeling that these lads are on the way to producing some seriously awesome music.
Out now via Whisk and Key Records
By Alastair McGibbon