Jungle: Self-Titled

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Jungle: Self-Titled

In a music scene that seems so overrun with alternative indie bands, we’ve forgotten the beauty in the soulful funk tunes discovered decades ago. Thanks to the mysterious duo known as J and T, who form the band Jungle, they’ve reintroduced the genre and added a new sound to today’s airwaves.
Chances are while you mightn’t know what the duo look like as they’re often hidden amongst an entourage in press shots, you would have heard their tracks ‘Platoon’ and ‘The Heat’. There are a few other tracks worth discovering, mainly ‘Time’ and ‘Crumbler’, but it seems that most of the tracks worth hearing have already been picked out by radio DJs.
The synthesised horns of ‘Busy Earnin’’ are the perfect addition to package it as the standout track of the album. The lyrics are simple, but that allows you to fully lose yourself in the soulful beats.
For fans of Quentin Tarantino films and their soulful-tinged soundtracks, Jungle’s album is easily something you’d hear as a backdrop to a bloody fight scene. But for those that aren’t, the album can get a little repetitive and is best listened to in small bursts.
As much as I hate to admit, in the case of Jungle there is such a thing as too much soul.
Out now via XL
By Amanda Sherring