Kingswood: Microscopic Wars

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Kingswood: Microscopic Wars

If there’s one thing Kingswood does well, it’s good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll. Their debut album, Microscopic Wars, is no exception. The 13-track LP takes their signature brand of fuzzy rock and takes it to next level. There’s no middle ground; from start to finish you’re hit with thudding, high energy rock. Even the more mellow tracks like the ballad-like ‘Eye of the Storm’ builds from a piano-driven melody to a satisfying bass-heavy conclusion. While there is an obvious overlying Kingswood flair, here and there you can catch a glimpse of the band’s influences. (In one run-through I caught snatches of Queens of the Stone Age, Wolfmother and a haunting vocal track reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne.)
Vocalist Fergus Linacre is at his peak here – every track is handled perfectly, regardless of energy and tone. He can blast out a rock anthem with the best of them, but can drop into a soulful croon just as easily. Guitarist Alex Laska provides a fantastic fuzz-heavy guitar track a la Josh Homme and co., dropping into the occasional blistering solo. Kingswood’s rhythm section – bassist Mango Hunter and drummer Justin Debrincat – are absolutely stellar, giving every track (even the aforementioned mellow tracks) a toe-tapping beat.
Microscopic Wars is one of those rare rock albums that truly shines from start to finish, with the band combining a wide range of styles and sounds into a set of songs that make for one hell of a debut album. I expected big things from these boys, and they certainly delivered.
Out now via Dew Process
By Alastair McGibbon