Steady: Flushed

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Steady: Flushed

As far as music production and synth goes, things can get old pretty quick. What with every musician nowadays adding it to their list of achievements. But there’s something so refreshing and different about what Steady is producing and it has me a little bit excited.

‘Flushed’ captures that party vibe, while hovering right on the edge of it getting too much. As it pushes the line, the song quickly swings back to its base, letting your senses adjust to the subtle onslaught that came just before. Things quickly ramp up again and it has you mesmerised in a cycle that constantly is repeating. It’s almost like (what I imagine) being stuck in a washing machine of great music would be like, if there were such a thing.

Steady really is onto the right thing, and we see big things coming from the artist. If you’re at all a fan of synth-produced, slow-burning club tracks that seem to have a profound effect on distorting your senses (and that’s without any illegal help), then hit up this guy on Soundcloud. Seriously, we’re not kidding about this one.

Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh