Dangerous Curves: Self-titled EP

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Dangerous Curves: Self-titled EP

When everyone seems to be doing similar things, Dangerous Curves have thrown a massive f*ck you and done things their way with a nod to old school, glam rock. ‘Blow My Whistle’ starts things off strong and one of my absolute favourites on this one is the guitar solo, something that doesn’t happen too much anymore. That’s why this genre of music is such a ball-buster. It would even be great to hear more of that.

Harmonising on ‘I Wanna Love You’ works well for the band and those listening at home, though the gritty guitar and vocals of ‘Got Me Runnin” serve as the highlight for the release. Though as a whole the EP captures just what it would have been like in the hay-day of seeing a rock band at your local.

The pace is kept up throughout the whole release and these guys really serve as a band you need to see live. Even from the speakers it has you up and dancing, head-banging and pretending you can shred it just like the guitarist. If you do one thing, be sure to check these guys out, that’s where the real fun comes from.

Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh