Rosalind releases heart wrenching yet hopeful self-titled EP

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Rosalind releases heart wrenching yet hopeful self-titled EP

There’s a couple of reasons to love an EP – it’s the first taste of a fresh-faced talent, it’s short and sweet with consistent sounds, ideas and stories, and finally, it’s a showcase of what the artist thinks best represents them coming out as a songwriter and musician.

Rosalind, checks off all three of these components in her debut self-titled album. The Melbourne songwriter introduces herself as a talented, emotionally-aware and captivating storyteller in just four standout tracks, taking listeners on a journey of a relationship breakdown. ‘Stronger’ and ‘Ruins’ shape the first half of the EP with hot dessert, bleeding guitars and Bon Jovi ‘Blaze of Glory’ drama. Rosalinds’ commanding vocals offer southern charm and an enchanting femininity to the tracks without substituting strength. ‘Tragedy’ follows, literally, but this track is anything but tragic. This empowering piano ballad is critical, not just for its lyrical content of recognising self-worth, but in contrast to its predecessors, highlighting Rosalinds’ light and shade dynamic. ‘Heartbeat’ is the happy-ending, the track that plays over the closing scene in a movie, not lacking the uplifting builds, the overwhelming joy, the ringing vocals.

While it’s a short journey, it’s a well-rounded story with a beginning, climax and end that leaves you fulfilled.

Reviewed By Tammy Walters