Machine Age drops debut album Point Of Departure

Machine Age drops debut album Point Of Departure

Adrian Mauro encapsulates the raw emotions, the complexity and the erratic rollercoaster ride of loss in his debut album ‘Point Of Departure’, for his musical project Machine Age. At age 15, Mauro’s older brother passed away from leukaemia and he inherited his older brothers’ guitar, keyboard and record collection, sparking Mauro’s music journey and the lyrical basis for the twelve-track debut.

You don’t need me to tell you the sad back story to know that; Mauro tells you through his deeply emotional invitation into his state of mind, his larger-than-life builds and drops sonically, the bursts of fuzz and his stunning tell-all angelic harmonies.

‘If Only’ is the standout piece with soaring string arrangements, hair-raising layers of delicate vocal lines, and nervous heartbeat that sits in the songs throat. The opening verse includes lines, ‘If only for the day you might let me see my brother…if only for the day you would bring him home’ that are enough to reduce anyone to tears within seconds of listening.

From the mammoth guitar introduction of the unpredictable opener, ‘Fighting’, right through to the half acoustic, half intergalactic orbit of ‘Flame or Flicker’, Machine Age captivates and transports listeners into Mauro’s psyche, experimenting with layers, textures and instrumentation throughout ‘Point Of Departure’ and wow’s at every detail. Brilliant!

Reviewed by Tammy Walters