Little Wise: Want It All

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Little Wise: Want It All

Little Wise (aka Sophie Klein) follows 2016’s breakthrough debut Silver Birch with a new spring in her step on this gorgeous collection of songs.

Want It All breathes with such intensity and immediacy, it somehow captures the unsuspecting listener off-guard. More than just another pleasant singer-songwriter outing (with a smattering of angst), the Melburnian’s second album offers tender soul-searching and carefree conviction. While not patently Country, the underlying bounce (‘Devil Off My Back’, ‘It Doesn’t Work Like That’) lifts the effect beyond her earlier Folk base. Easy and elegant phrasing propels catchy melodies.

‘Don’t Let It Go’ is evidence of her early influence by The Waifs. Band mates Rosie Burgess (bass, backing vocals) and Pam Zaharias (drums) are joined on a number of tracks by Josh Barber (percussion, drums) and Brendan McMahon (Hammond organ). Producers Fraser Montgomery and Nick Edin add additional instrumentation.

Little Wise employs her electric guitar of choice with restraint, allowing the Danelectro occasional spotlight moments to add some rock’n’roll spice.

Feisty yet sweet, Want It All weaves a cosy spell between the wide-eyed and the sage.

Reviewed by Chris Lambie