Regional Victorian distiller Echuca Distillery wins international gold in San Francisco

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Regional Victorian distiller Echuca Distillery wins international gold in San Francisco

Crafted and bottled in the legendary river port town of Echuca Moama, the craft spirits are 100% pure thanks to a combination of naturally derived botanicals, the best ingredients they can source and the ancient craft of distilling.

In an Australian first, Echuca Distillery, based in the Victorian river port town, recently became the first Australian distillery to win not one, but two gold medals for their Agave Spirits, at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition – the world’s largest and most prestigious competition for premium Agave Spirits.

Made from start to finish at the four-year-old distillery, Echuca Distillery’s Chilli Lime and Smoked Agave Spirits were awarded gold medals, while the Silver and Gold Agave Spirits took home silver medals … a real vindication of the attention to detail that the distillery puts into the production process.

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Agave Spirit production (including Tequila, Mezcal and Agave Spirit) is seeing unprecedented growth globally, and Echuca Distillery’s twin brother owner-operators, Peter (Head Distiller) and David De Vries (Operations Manager) are on a mission to be at the forefront of this industry from both an innovation and quality perspective.

The brothers’ backgrounds in the manufacturing of flavours and fragrances – which is something they believe is in their DNA – has enabled them to research and develop the perfect mix of ingredients which includes 100% Blue Weber Agave Nectar which they import from Mexico.

“Distilling Agave Spirit from the nectar is a little like distilling Rum from molasses,” explains Peter.

“The Agave Nectar has a rich, slightly smoky flavour and aroma which we ferment in-house, then twice distill with particular care put into maintaining the flavour and aroma of the Agave Spirit,” continued Peter.

“We are really proud of what we have achieved at Echuca Distillery in a relatively short space of time,” says David.

The brothers are keen to celebrate and share their passion for what they do with as many people as possible.

“Although we have a small list of stockists, Bar Lee is Echuca Distillery’s exclusive cellar door and is a great place to enjoy some of the awarding winning spirits in a cocktail and on their own,” David concluded.

As the first distillery in Victoria to produce Agave Spirits and one of only two or three in Australia to distill locally, Echuca Distillery is one to add to your must-visit list, being the first Australian distillery to win gold (actually, two golds and two silvers) for the distillation of Agave Spirit at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

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