Ragdoll Lock in Geelong Show

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Ragdoll Lock in Geelong Show

If you’re desperately searching for music that captures the essence of Dio, Alice in Chains and Rush, Perth’s Ragdoll may just hold the key. The band has lined up their first run of shows in support of their fresh­ as­ a­ daisy album, Back to Zero.

Promoted as an “epic slab of hard rock with a sound that owes as much to the arena rock of the ’70s and ’80s as it does the grungy sounds of the ’90s”, the album was funded, in part, by the seventy­ odd shows the band performed throughout Australia and the US last year.

They’ll be heading back to the US shortly to perform at the three­ day Rocklahoma festival in Oklahoma, their fifth year in a row at the mighty hard rock festival. Guitarist Leon Todd: “We just set out to make music we ourselves love to listen to. We never set out to sound like anyone other than ourselves … We feel like Ragdoll is a band that happily bridges the divide between old and new school while still staying true to the aesthetics that made rock music so great in the first place.”

The Barwon Club, Geelong – June 3. Ragdoll will be joined by Dellacoma Rio and The Dark Horses.