Maz Jobrani Reveals 2016 Melbourne Show

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Maz Jobrani Reveals 2016 Melbourne Show

Renowned comedian Maz Jobrani will head to Australia for two special shows.

A founding member of The Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, Jobrani has had three successful television specials with Brown And Friendly, I Come In Peace, and most recently I’m Not A Terrorist, But I’ve Played One On TV.

Maz’s comedy tackles topics of politics, race, religion and other common issues that exist in our daily lives. He takes pride in breaking down stereotypes about Iranians and the Middle East in general, and at a time when the Middle East and the West are in deep rooted conflicts, Jobrani sets out to help bring the two worlds closer together.

Catch him at The Palms at Crown on Friday July 15. Tickets via Ticketek.