Punk! #631

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Punk! #631

Well, my favourite pop-punk band, Slick Shoes, aren’t very good at staying broken up. They’ll be opening for Zebrahead at the House of Blues in Anaheim on Saturday April 9. This follows last year’s shows with fellow Christian pop-punks MxPx and ska slayers Five Iron Frenzy in Santa Ana. I’m hoping and praying for a new record and possibly an Australian tour, but I’m not holding my breath on that last one!

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler is one of a handful of people trying to take credit for the hotly anticipated Guns N’ Roses reunion. Apparently he kept telling Axl Rose that the world needed him to work things out with Duff and Slash. Okay, Steven. You, and Fred Durst!
In other Guns news, Slash recently wished former Guns drummer Steven Adler a happy birthday on Twitter- could this public reaching-out be a subtle confirmation of Steven’s involvement in the band’s reunion this year? While it sounds like clutching at straws, fans will take anything they can get at this stage! It seems it was a similar gesture to Axl last year that lead to the pair burying the hatchet last year.

The new Weezer album is due to drop any day now. It’s being referred to as the White album (not because they’re all Anglo American, but because they’ve released albums with different coloured sleeves- blue, green and red!) and there’s an absolute TONNE of pre-order options, including a package that includes a trip to the Galapagos Islands with frontman Rivers Cuomo. But don’t get carried away- THAT option will set you back more than 25 thousand dollars! Yikes!
Rolling Stone magazine is continuing its descent into madness this week, releasing a Five Seconds of Summer poster magazine. I’m sorry, but leave that ich to Dolly or Smash Hits or something! Talk about a lack of journalistic integrity! Still, I guess you can’t knock Five Seconds’ hustle- they’ve already sold enough records to qualify as one of our biggest musical exports of all time… And they’ve certainly usurped Short Stack (remember them?!), who recently dropped an EP and comeback album to lukewarm response… And yes, I recognise the near ABSURDITY of even writing about those bands in the same column as Slick Shoes, who at a very young age wrote pop-punk gems those bands could NEVER hope to better – despite songwriting help from the likes of All Time Low and members of Good Charlotte – who should really concentrate on making their OWN music!

So the triple j Hottest 100 countdown over Australia Day weekend drew its fair share of criticism from listeners who decided to feel some kind of way over something or other. My question is, who the eff even LISTENS to that station anymore? I haven’t listened since the late ’90s! I’m sure there are plenty of other places to hear indie drivel – like Cotton On commercials and dodgy cafes on Brunswick Street!
And on THAT bitchy note, I am OUTTA HERE for another issue. Until next time kids, go see a punk rock show. Better than anything you’ll see playing Rod Laver!

Written by Christopher Cruz