Milo Viti are heading into vibrant alternative-pop territory with loud new single

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Milo Viti are heading into vibrant alternative-pop territory with loud new single

Flitting between thrashing throes of pop-punk and melodic highs of alt-pop music, Sydney’s Milo Viti wear their musical stylings proudly from the jump.

The most recent single ‘Be Cool’ is the latest example of the band’s versatility, as they stride forward into a brand new year of music – fired up and ready to take charge, encapsulating the intoxicating energy of the band and their penchant for enjoying each moment to the fullest.

“‘Be Cool’ is about enjoying the extreme highs of having a good time in spite of the major come down that follows. It’s about understanding the bad that comes with the good and choosing to forget about it all for a moment before it inevitably catches up with you.” says Luke Mangraviti, lead vocalist of Milo Viti.

Check the track below.

To celebrate the release, Milo Viti’s top 5 pop indie rock bands of all time.

I don’t even care if they are the pinnacle of grunge, just the fact that they were so popular being thrust into the spotlight makes them Indie Pop Rock. They give such an aura of not giving a f*#k that resonates against so many facets of society today that are so fake and controlled.

Blink 182
Even though Blink 182 are very punk live, their recordings are much more than just punk. The driven bass lays the foundation of the chords with the upbeat fast pace riffs that catch everyone’s attention. There’s also all sorts of harmonies that add so many more levels to their songs while the smashing drum style of Travis Barker gives fills left right and centre to make it more than just a simple beat constantly.

As much as we all love Freddie and his voice/stage presence the actual music of Queen is something that often goes under the radar. Like the Beatles this band consisted of four songwriters all contributing to writing hit singles. Their genre varies from hard rock, metal, pop, dance, disco and opera etc..

The Strokes
What makes this band so strong is how little they cared. It’s the pinnacle of cool. It almost feels like they cared too little to their own demise because they had something really pure to begin with and continued to try to find something else at the same time as they developed as a band.

The Neighbourhood
The way they create an emotion with each songs is very special. They’re a type of band that continues to change and develop their sound into something that continues to be relevant. You can just dive into each song as they take you deeper and deeper.