Mick Thomas' Roving Commission: Boxing Day Drive

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Mick Thomas' Roving Commission: Boxing Day Drive

Throughout his 43 year career, Mick Thomas has definitely proved one thing- he is a captivating storyteller with the ability to accurately represent the Australian landscape. The five track EP, Boxing Day Drive, whilst very Australian in story, encompasses a mix of our rustic roots, with added Celtic charm and Memphis magnetism.
The title track is the 2018 answer for the Australian Christmas song. Lyrically it presents a realistic representation of contemporary Australia with lines like ‘single lane f**king road works’ being the sentiment of every agitated vacationer.
Don’t be fooled though. Boxing Day Drive is not a Christmas EP. ‘Hug My Back’ is basically ‘The Bonnie Bank O’ Loch Lomond’ on speed, more appropriate for a hootenanny with choreographed line dancing than Christmas lunch. ‘A Tale They Won’t Believe’ seconds this notion, slewing further into River Dance territory for a chaotic battle of speed and grace. ‘House of Ghosts’ and ‘Aqua Profunda’ highlight Taylor’s storytelling style of writing, underlined by simplistic southern backing.
As a collective, Boxing Day Drive is like waiting for a mystery flight at an airport; not quite sure where it’s going but excitement ensues. As a taste of the forthcoming album ‘Coldwater DFU’, the EP makes for a great gift for an uncle for the nostalgic storytelling and intriguing melodic arrangements.
3 Stars
Bloodlines Mushroom Group
Reviewed by Tammy Walters