Bloodbath: The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn

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Bloodbath: The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn

Bloodbath are a band that is known for encapsulating that old school death metal vibe and sound, with a new school approach to the way they put their songs together. Famously revered for their second release, ‘Nightmares Made Flesh’ which absolutely busted the genre open as far as putting death metal back in the picture as a force again, their 2008 EP ‘Unblessing The Purity’ is still one of the heaviest releases I can recall hearing. The production on ‘The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn’ though might have it matched.
This album is essentially everything you would expect to hear from Bloodbath, with the one standout being that “Old Nick” Holmes has stepped things up in comparison to their last release and his Bloodbath debut, ‘Grand Morbid Funeral’. The guitars are heavy, the drums are driving, the chainsaw tones are grinding. This is pretty much what they do.
Things that jumped out for me on this release were the grooves of ‘Wayward Samaritan’, the pounding rhythms in ‘Morbid Antichrist’ and the catchy brutality of ‘Only The Dead Survive’. This album is a quality release no doubt, however with that said I feel a tad more variety and experimentation in the songs would have levelled it up even more.
Reviewed by Chris McEwin