THE AINTS! Australian Tour 2018

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THE AINTS! Australian Tour 2018

Over this year, The Aints! have been reviving and reliving classic punk rock, with Ed Kuepper back on the stage, doing what he does best. Celebrating the release of their new album, The Church of Simultaneous Existence, the Aints! took to the stage of the Croxton Bandroom on November 5th as part of their album tour.
Parsnip opened the night up upon the huge Croxton bandroom stage, with their post-punk, rocking sound, kick starting the evening in the best way possible. Parsnip are like a new age mixture of the Delta 5 and the Headcoatees and it’s great. Integrating a slightly heavier sound than I’d previously heard them play, they brought their set to an end with their new single, “Feeling Small” and it’s certainly left me excited to see what else the girls have to bring out in the future.
The room continued to fill with old rock dogs and swingin’ sisters as the Breadmakers made their way onto the stage for the second act of the night. Having never heard of the group before, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least as they took to the night with old school, rock and roll and bluesy tones. The group had a strong stage presence, with front man lashing down some classic moves and shaking it up as he moved from song to song with maracas, tambourines and the harmonica. The room was well and truly having a ball.
After a short interval, the audience pushed towards the stage in great anticipation, looking in all directions for any signs of commencement… and then the night really begun.
Coupled, of course, with their powerful three-piece horn section, the group began with an old classic and punk rock boomed through the room. Flattening out any creases early on, it was the tightest I’ve heard the Aints play and with the bass vibrating through each and every one of us like a great wave, everyone was in the groove. It was a huge, adrenaline fueled show, with Ed and his band playing for upwards of 90 minutes.
What I particularly loved about the night, in comparison to seeing them not too long ago, was that having released their new album, no song was a stranger to the audience and in blending some old favourites too, the Aints had the perfect mix of new and old. Talkative, Kuepper was filling the room with laughter in between songs and surprising us with some long psychedelic jams too and as expected, everyone went nuts for songs like “Know Your Product”.
After a set of about an hour, the band gave a big “Thankyou, thankyou very much!” and exited off the stage. But it wasn’t over… or was it?
It was the longest encore chant I’ve ever been apart of, for nearly 10 minutes did clapping, whistles and roars fill the room. Surely after this long they had given their all. But then they returned and gave to the audience a taste no one had heard before. Previewing sneaky sounds of an upcoming EP of which Ed claimed he didn’t even have a name for yet.
It was a special wrap up for a wild night and I can’t wait to see the punk rockers when they take to the Stage of Meredith later in the year.
When: Monday 5 November
Where: The Croxton, Melbourne VIC
Reviewed by Aine Keogh