’Mental as Everything’ is the powerful and immersive stage show reducing the stigma of mental illness

’Mental as Everything’ is the powerful and immersive stage show reducing the stigma of mental illness

Mental as Everything is heading to The Potato Shed this month.

A performance that’s taking important steps towards the destigmatisation of mental illness, the powerful ‘Mental as Everything’ is making its way to Geelong next week, promising to be a fun, powerful and totally immersive night out.

The key takeaways

  • Mental As Everything is heading to the Potato Shed for two special shows
  • Mental As Everything is a raw and honest cabaret performance exploring the multifaceted nature of mental illness
  • The show will run Thursday, May 20 and Friday, May 21

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An original stage concept by Melbourne based writer, musician and performer Damon Smith, Mental as Everything is a deeply personal, raw and honest exploration of the multi-faceted nature of mental illness.

Inspired by his own personal, day to day experiences with a diagnosis of both OCD and Bipolar disorder, Smith has developed transparency regarding his dealings with these two, widely misguided disorders and as a writer/entertainer, has created a show that blends comedy and music alongside an honest and thought-provoking, researched narrative.

Joined by his musical cohort Adam Coad, a sufferer of anxiety and depression, Mental as Everything takes the audience on a brilliantly unique and awkward journey inside their own heads with hilarious onstage frivolity.

Blending comedy and their folk style of music, the performance features both original music and a few existing songs, written by well-known artists that have experienced mental illness.

With a powerful sense of intimacy and a whole lot of sass, Coad and Smith deliver a truly brilliant and immersive show that fathoms the highs and lows of living with a mental illness. Just like the mania and depression that Smith experiences in his personal life, the mood of the show can switch from comedic to absurdity in an instant.

Equal parts enlightening and entertaining, this is a must-see for anyone – whether you’ve been touched by mental health conditions and their impact or not.

Mental as Everything will show at The Potato Shed at 8pm on Thursday, May 20 and Friday, May 21. You can book your tickets here.