Melbourne’s Axil Coffee Roasters barista crowned as best in Australia for the second year in a row

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Melbourne’s Axil Coffee Roasters barista crowned as best in Australia for the second year in a row

Axil Coffee Roasters’ Jack Simpson crowned as the best barista in Australia and I'll take a flat white please sir.

Melbourne barista Jack Simpson from Axil Coffee has been crowned the Australian Barista Champion at the ASCA National Coffee Championships, marking the second year in a row Axil Coffee have taken out the title.

With over 10 years of experience in the coffee industry and seven years as a barista with Axil, Jack will now go on to represent Australia at the World Barista Championship in Athens, Greece in June, reminding the world that Melbourne is indeed one of the foremost destinations for defining cafes, coffee-producing global barista champions and award-winning roasts.

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“It is an incredible honour to be crowned Australian Barista Champion and to go on to represent Axil Coffee at the World Barista Championships in June. Anthony Douglas [of Axil Coffee] has been such an inspiration to me since being crowned World Barista Champion, so to be able to follow in his footsteps is a massive achievement,” said Jack.

Jack’s routine was about the role of the barista to innovate, explore, refine and adapt to the ever-changing landscape and technology of the world.

Judged on taste, technical skill and presentation, Jack’s routine comprised of an espresso, a milk-based coffee and a coffee-based signature drink which consisted of lacto-fermented raspberries, cold vacuum-boiled bergamot tea and clarified milk. To make this, Jack used a variety of cutting-edge techniques and equipment, never seen before.

“I wanted my routine to reflect the constantly evolving nature of the coffee world and the need for baristas to always be thinking creatively in order to keep up with trends in tastes and technology. The techniques and equipment used in my routine are a testament to this.”

This win firmly cements Axil’s place on the global coffee stage. With Anthony Douglas from Axil Coffee being the current World Barista Champion and now Jack’s coach for this year’s championship, Axil expects big things.

The prestigious World Barista Championship will take place from 22nd-24th June in Athens, Greece.

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