Lorne’s award-winning ice cream store Gelato Gelato has opened on Geelong’s waterfront

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Lorne’s award-winning ice cream store Gelato Gelato has opened on Geelong’s waterfront

This marks Gelato Gelato's third store in the region, with locations in Lorne and Anglesea.

With summer well on its way, we’re well and truly ready to head to the water, bask in the sun and indulge in countless scoops of icy-cold gelato.

Giving us one more reason to visit Geelong’s beautiful waterfront on a hot, sunny day, Lorne’s Gelato Gelato – the purveyors of all things creamy, inventive and delicious – have opened up a store on the iconic strip.

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Taking over a long shopfront at 10-14 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong, sitting pretty under Novotel Geelong, Gelato Gelato has officially opened its doors, bringing award-winning gelato to one of the busiest strips in Geelong.

With bright yellow signage, timber features and a vibrant coffee machine, Gelato Gelato are bringing all the best bits from their coastal stores, providing some serious nostalgia for childhood visits to ice creameries as you stare at the glass cabinets of authentic and natural Italian gelato, freshly churned on-site in Anglesea and Lorne. Having travelled to Italy to learn from the very best; you can bet Gelato Gelato is pumping out some of the city’s finest gelato.

As for the flavours, there is a massive selection to choose from including all your favourites and some unique ones that you’ve just gotta try. There’s pistachio, choc coconut, lemon curd, ginger, strawberry, Stracciatella, banana, cookies and cream, quince, matcha, cinnamon and even Fior di latte with pistachio and white chocolate fudge – just to name a few.

On the sorbet front, there’s raspberry, lemon, blood orange, pineapple, mango, chocolate and pink grapefruit, among others.

We can promise you’ll transport yourself to Italy with just one lick no matter what you decide!

If you needed more convincing, all these delicious options are made entirely from scratch. There are no Colourings, artificial flavouring or preservatives, with dairy flavours boasting low-fat content and sorbets being completely fat-free, dairy-free, packed full of fruit.

With every element of the dessert carefully considered, Gelato Gelato is passionate about finding the very best ingredients, sourcing local produce, and creating Gelato that will make you smile.

So do yourself a favour and head down to Eastern Beach Road for some of the best gelato in Geelong.

Gelato Gelato is located at 10-14 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong and is open 12pm-7pm weeknights and 12pm-9pm weekends (depending on weather). Visit the website for more information.