An 11-course Titanic dining experience is coming to Geelong

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An 11-course Titanic dining experience is coming to Geelong

Looking to relive the romance and adventure of the 1997 blockbuster by way of food? 

Please note: This event has been postponed to 2023. 

Lovers of James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster are in for a treat with a new dining experience arriving in the Geelong region this November.

Titled ‘The Titanic Dining Experience’, Founders and Co in Lara is hosting a food-fuelled evening that will pull at your heartstrings. On Saturday, November 12 (now postponed), Founder and Co’s renowned chef, Katrina Hunt, will respectfully recreate the final first-class menu aboard the RMS Titanic.

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For one night only, guests can journey back in time to the night of April 14th, 1912, aboard one of the world’s most renowned ships. Expect to be served a delicious 11-course degustation in the ‘first-class dining saloon’, with chef Hunt delivering a modern take on every dish served on the final night in First Class aboard the ship.

For those that don’t wish to do 11 courses, there’s also a sampler ticket option, which will serve up the five marquee dishes on the menu.

With drinks available at bar prices, you’ll also be surrounded by the splendour of first-class dining as themed entertainment is played out.


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Whether you love the movie, or the story of Titanic has always captured you, savour an authentic culinary experience based on passenger menus that were put onto a lifeboat on the fateful night in 1912.

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