Local distillery Anther Spirits just launched an indulgent chocolate gin and a range of gin-soaked cherry chocolate bars

Local distillery Anther Spirits just launched an indulgent chocolate gin and a range of gin-soaked cherry chocolate bars

It tastes like liquid gold—in chocolate form, of course.

It’s hard to resist the sweet taste of a delicious chocolate cocktail. From boozy milkshakes to sweet martinis, many drink recipes feature chocolate liqueur, chocolate vodka, and other cocoa-laden ingredients. They are tempting, perfect for dessert, and a whole lot of fun.

Well catering to the gin-lovers out there, one of our favourite (and most experimental) gin distilleries, Anther Spirits, has delivered the goods with their brand-new Chocolate Gin.

The key takeaways

  • Anther Spirits reveal chocolate gin just in time for winter
  • The team have also released gin-soaked cherry chocolate bars
  • You can purchase the new chocolatey range via the website

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Launching just in time for the winter months, the Anther team have created a delicious spirit that packs an edgy punch for true chocolate connoisseurs. It’s not the cream, sweet dulce leche idea of chocolate that you get from your Baileys and Godiva; instead, it’s a fruity, citrusy, spicy and dry concoction but it no way less indulgent.

“Vanilla and our blend of secret spices marry the deep flavour from cacao nibs and floral juniper together,” the team at Anther reveal.

“The fragrance is sweet and warm, finishing dry and spicy on your palate – a revolution for the Negroni lovers out there.

“We toasted cacao nibs before they were put into the gin to be macerated. This opens up the many fats and oils in the nibs and allows all the delectable oils from the Anther Gin botanicals to blend together. Warmth, time and our watchful eye kept tabs on this experimental spirit, constantly tasting its changes and letting the ingredients do their thing for a few weeks.”

The result is of course a curious and insanely delicious bottle of gin that will have you reaching for more, because when it comes to chocolate, you can never have too much.

Alongside the chocolate gin, the team have also upped the ante for chocolate lovers by teaming up with the good humans over at The Ministry of Chocolate in Croydon. Following the sell-out success of their Chocolate Coated Gin Soaked Cherries, the team have now launched a limited run of Gin Soaked Cherry Chocolate Bars. Yep, they are as delicious as they sound, probably even more!

They come in a variety of flavours, including milk chocolate with gin-soaked cherries, milk chocolate with gin-soaked cherries, pistachios and violets, dark chocolate with gin-soaked cherries and dark chocolate with the cherries, pistachios and violets which are both vegan, and a ruby chocolate bar with gin-soaked cherries, pistachios and violets.

Yum. Just yum.

Anther Distillery is located at PH3 Federal Mills, 33 Mackey St North Geelong. You can get your hands on the chocolate gin and choccie bars here.