Good news, looks like a drive-through juice bar is opening in Geelong

Good news, looks like a drive-through juice bar is opening in Geelong


Some days, when you’re feeling healthy, hungover or just looking for breaky on run, the cravings for freshly squeezed juice and nutritional (and delicious) smoothies really set in, and sadly your pulp-free, sugar-laden supermarket OJ just won’t satisfy.

More often than not, our minds go to our favourite cafe, or to that of Boost juice, and we’re salivating at the thought of their freshly squeezed OJ, mango and banana smoothies or breaky-to-go concoctions… but then we realise we have to get out of the car.

Who really wants to drive all the way into town to battle it out for a carpark at Westfield only to lineup get your juice and then have finished it before you’ve even stopped via the pay-station? Pass.

Well, now there is a ray of sunshine peeking through our juice-craving days with news that a drive-through Juice Bar is potentially heading to Geelong.

Aptly titled ‘Juice Life Geelong’, the business made its Instagram debut with a post earlier this month.

“Who’s ready for Geelong to finally have a drive through juice bar? WE ARE!”, the post read.

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Unfortunately, that’s all the information available at the time of writing but it was most certainly enough to get us excited and you can bet we’ll be doing some more digging over the next few weeks.

Currently the closest drive-through juice bar – a Boost Juice – is located in Sebastopol in Victoria’s regional town of Ballarat. Opening back in 2017, this was a first for the fruit-juice chain, which said the venture was spurred by popularity for the concept on social media.

Having been only a sacred experience for our road trips to the Rat, it looks like Juice Life Geelong will be a very special kind of blessing.

Stay tuned.

Keep up to date with the latest from the business via Instagram, and rest assured, we’ll let you know as this story develops.