Level up your workday lunches, this Geelong café is doing Bánh Mì Bagels

Level up your workday lunches, this Geelong café is doing Bánh Mì Bagels

Untitled Cafe is the holy grail of all bagel bakeries

Much like the title suggests, Untitled Café has married up two winning concepts—bagels and bánh mì alongside the perfect convenience of takeaway.

Located in South Geelong, this South Geelong treasure has become a warm and welcoming little space since opening three years ago, thanks to brothers Brett and Jarryd Kenshole. No matter what time you swing past, Untitled is buzzing with staff that are as cheerful as their bright coloured, artist-designed coffee cups (completely biodegradable and definitely Insta-worthy).

Truly it’s a café we’ll never fall out of love with, and this bagel is just one of the many reasons why.

Taking inspiration from the crunchy French baguette, traditionally filled with a colourful combination of carrot, coriander, chilli, cucumber and either chicken, roast crackle pork, or simple vegetarian fillings, this little gem of a café has replaced the baguette with a bagel for their monthly special and oh my, we are in heaven.

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Served up on either a seeded or plain bagel, this little beauty is a combination of BBQ pork and pork crackle (yesssss!), with pickled carrot, cucumber, fresh chilli, coriander, sriracha sauce and kewpie mayo.

It’s the perfect mix of richness, acidity, texture, freshness and spice that you’d expect from bánh mì, and it’s only elevated further by that perfect balance of chewy and soft dough with a tiny hint of sweetness that Untitled has been getting right for years.

In short, this is everything you could ever want in a sandwich.

We’re not being dramatic about this perfectly baked, and scrumptiously filled bagel either. This has been a big seller for the café since it first appeared on their menu in 2018 and only gets more popular each time they feature it – and it’s already been featured 11 times! They sell out every damn day, even though they keep making more and more. They did over 200 of these babies just last week.

While it’s currently their ‘Bagel of the Month’ for August, it’s looking like there might be scope for it to be a permanent item sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Soft and crunchy; salty and sweet, there’s nothing more satisfyingly foodie-approved for just $13.

You can thank us later.

Untitled, at 197 Yarra Street South Geelong. You can place your order ahead of time via the Skip App.