Jesse Morris

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Jesse Morris

Currently on tour with fellow talented muso Julian Temple (see our interview with him here) we had a chat with Jesse about how they first met, the benefits of the ocean and where he feels most connected.

Hi Jesse, thanks for taking the time to chat with us, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

I am pretty stoked to have just spent a few days around my hometown with friends and family before hitting the road again this week. We just played a few tracks on the local Byron Bay radio show.

So being from different parts of the world, how did it come about to do the tour together?

Our bands first played together about 10 years ago in Southland, NZ for an epic little tour. We’ve been catching up every few years since then.

And how have the first lot of shows gone?

Awesome start with the first 7 shows in QLD and Northern NSW. We have already built a nice collaborative jam between us at the end of the show which seems to be evolving and escalating every night. Mullumbimby markets has probably been my highlight where we played to lots of like-minded families and the sun was shining bright.

Being on the road together, artists often have different ways of coping, what are yours?

The Ocean cleanses everything. Drink loads of coconut water. Be open and flexible.

You’ve been through much of the world and sing about the places you’ve been to, where is somewhere you’ve felt the most connected to out of everywhere you’ve been?

I feel the more you travel the more connected you become, so everywhere! But my favourite place in the world is Koh Rong Island in Cambodia. My time there inspired a lot of the songs of the new EP, and the latest single was co-written with a volunteer teacher from Koh Rong titled ‘Freedom Has No Measure’. This track has been released as a fundraiser for the Koh Rong island school’s arts program. But there are so many magical places, the Himalayas, Pai, Kakadu, the Daintree. And so much more to see.

Your songs have been described as “conscious” too, would you say you’ve lived life pretty aware of your surroundings? Do you think that trait is a good one for musicians to have?

My journey of being more awake & aware has only recently begun, inspired by travel. And this path fills me with knowledge and purpose. Where does my food come from? Who made my clothes? How can I change? How can I help others grow? I feel more awake and aware of the smoke and mirrors. And I want this awakening to be reflected in my music. I write more about the external world, collective consciousness and less about my own internal world these days. I walk that path today. Who knows where tomorrow may lead.

Having spent quite some time together now, how would you describe Julian in three words?

Wild. Guinea-pig. Attack.

What’s the biggest thing you have in common?

The love & freedom of life on the road.

Thanks again for taking the time to chat with us, are there any last words of wisdom you’d like to leave our readers with?

If you would like to support the school on Koh Rong Island you can download the new track and leave a donation via Bandcamp, iTunes or other digital retailers. 100% of proceeds from that track go to the school. I’ll also have copies at the shows! Blessings.

When & Where: Retreat Hotel, Brunswick – April 27, Pistol Petes, Geelong – April 28, Babushka Bar, Ballarat – April 29, Odyssey Tavern, Mt Duneed – May 1 (12pm) & Mordy Supper Club, Mordialloc – May 1.