BallaRatCat Comedy with Mickey D

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BallaRatCat Comedy with Mickey D

While Melbourne may have had its comedy season which you’ll have to wait another year for, the team behind BallaRatCat Comedy are making the return for another year of events. The first line up features Dave Callan, Ben Knight, Mickey D and Tegan Higginbotham. We had a chat with Mickey D about his stint on Everest, working at KFC and the show in general.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte Magazine. How are you and what are you up to at the moment? 

I am great thanks! Currently packing my rucksack in Kathmandu and heading home to Adelaide tonight!

There has been a lot of talk about the “Stand up on Everest” project you and a few of your peers embarked on. Do you ever trek when you have time off or did you jump into this without experience? What were your expectations going into it?

I’m a big fan of hitting the trails – I’m an ultra-marathoner. I love getting outdoors, so when the stand up on Everest opportunity arose, I was fit and raring to go.  I love mountains, but had no idea of what beauty I was about to experience – also the altitude and its affect on exertion.

How was the actual trek? Were you ever close to giving up? 

The trek was phenomenal!  We were blessed with incredible weather and the trails were relatively free of tourist traffic. We had to contend mostly with herds of yak and donkey hauling their loads up.

We imagine you’d be quite tired after a trek that long, how did the show go? Did you and the audience have any energy at all for the show?

There was a great vibe in the audience! Those whom trekked with us were glad to have achieved the goal! And climbers waiting for the all clear to do Everest were glad that there was some entertainment at Basecamp! The Sherpas really enjoyed the show too. The scenery made for a great distraction from any fatigue

Tell us about the funniest thing that happened on your trip up Everest. 

Having a herd of yak walk by during the middle of a routine…

As a comedian you obviously cannot have too many boundaries in life and as a result often tell your audience about your embarrassing encounters. Is there anything you wouldn’t talk about in your shows?

I’m pretty much a tell all kind of bloke. Just bearing in mind that people have come to be entertained not confided in.

Comparing your comedy career to the five years you worked at KFC, are there any similarities? Did you learn anything from KFC that has helped you in your career (except from the funny stories of course)?

KFC taught me to “clean as you go” and I think this a good mantra for life as a whole.

You’ve done shows in Ballarat before. Are you looking forward to coming back to perform at the BallaRatCat comedy event?

I love Ballarat! Hoping to catch up with Steve Monaghetti for a run on the Saturday morning.

Thanks again for chatting to us, are there any last words of wisdom you want to leave with our readers?

Dream big. And clean as you go.

When & Where: The Lounge @ The George, Ballarat – May 6