HoMie and Disney Unite for a Sustainable Fashion Statement on International Friendship Day

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HoMie and Disney Unite for a Sustainable Fashion Statement on International Friendship Day

Words by staff writer

REBORN by HoMie and Disney is their first upcycled streetwear collection that looks, does and feels good.

Get ready for a magical fashion extravaganza as Melbourne-based social enterprise, HoMie, and global storyteller Disney team up once again to create their first upcycled streetwear collection – REBORN by HoMie and Disney.

The capsule collection drops on International Friendship Day, July 30th, with 100% of profits going towards HoMie’s noble mission of supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship.

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The limited-edition range of 100 one-of-a-kind garments is a testament to their shared values and commitment to repurposing leftover products. For the first time in Australia, another apparel label has upcycled Disney materials, giving a new lease of life to pre-loved items and excess stock from both brands.

From patchwork hoodies to matching tee sets, the genderless collection is a celebration of the magic of friendship and features Disney’s beloved Sensational Six: Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck. The Sensational Six have been through countless adventures together, staying true to each other and cherishing their unique friendship styles.

Fashion fans and Disney devotees alike can rejoice in this collection, honouring their own meaningful connections while supporting a community initiative that creates brighter futures for vulnerable young people. Wearing items from this range means actively contributing to HoMie’s mission of fostering positive change within the community.

The range is particularly special as it was handcrafted by one of HoMie’s talented alumni, embodying the brand’s core values of creativity, sustainability, and social impact. And yes, every item is a unique piece of art, infused with the power of authentic connections and the friendship between HoMie and Disney.

If you haven’t heard of them, HoMie, a Melbourne-based streetwear label and social enterprise, is making a positive impact by supporting young people affected by homelessness and hardship. Equipping them with skills, confidence, and experiences, HoMie’s two social impact programs – The HoMie Pathway Alliance and HoMie’s VIP Program – are empowering young minds and preparing them for a brighter future.

As for REBORN, this is a part of HoMie’s social enterprise on a mission to revolutionize the retail fashion industry. It transforms waste materials into desirable one-off pieces, encouraging circularity and sustainable innovation. Faulty or unsold garments from HoMie and other retailers are lovingly hand-cut, sewn, and altered into unique items, with all profits supporting HoMie’s mission.

The REBORN by HoMie and Disney collection will be available on the HoMie website from 9 am, Sunday 30 July, and at HoMie’s Melbourne store from 10 am, Monday 31 July.