Geelong Arts Centre announce the brave and bold Creative Engine grant recipients for 2024

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Geelong Arts Centre announce the brave and bold Creative Engine grant recipients for 2024

Credit: Peter Foster
Words by Staff Writer

Geelong Arts Centre has unveiled the latest group of recipients selected to benefit from their esteemed Creative Engine grants.

The grants, totalling up to $16,000 in financial support alongside $30,000 worth of studio access at the iconic Ryrie Street building and Merge coworking space, aim to empower individuals and organisations in forging new and innovative works, pushing boundaries, and advancing contemporary arts practices.

Spanning across various artistic domains such as traditional and experimental theatre, music, dance, and comedy, the selected projects have been chosen based on their alignment with the program’s core criteria: Connection, Innovation, and Thoughtfulness.

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This round’s recipients include:

Ignition Recipients

  1. Pride and Prejudice by Bloomshed: A daring adaptation of the classic tale, reimagining it for modern times, exploring themes of class, power, and gender roles.
  2. Parasail by Kath Dolheguy: An original theatre piece delving into class, neurodiversity, and parental abandonment, set against the backdrop of Geelong across different time periods.

Jump Start Recipients

  1. NOW: A Life Story by Fiona Luca: Grounded in verbatim interviews with elderly Geelong residents, this project aims to capture diverse life stories through various art forms, offering a poignant reflection on life.
  2. Cabaret of Calm by Helen Duncan: A playful exploration of movement and self-care practices in an increasingly wellness-oriented society.

Place to Make Recipients

  1. Song Birds by Gorgi Coghlan and Anna-lee Robertson: An immersive concert experience weaving nostalgia and wisdom through a blend of eclectic songs.
  2. Comedy Victoria by Luke Morris: A not-for-profit initiative supporting comedy writers, producers, and performers, fostering a network within Geelong and Western Victoria.
  3. The Things We Hold Dear by Catherine Holder (Next Tuesday Theatre): An exploration of hoarding as a mental health issue, delving into the emotional attachments formed with objects.
  4. Foreigner by Amelia Vu: A short dance film capturing the essence of unfamiliarity in a foreign land, expressed through improvised movement.

Reflecting on the selection process, Senior Producer Nicole La Bianca expressed gratitude for the depth of talent showcased in the applications, indicating a promising future for Geelong’s creative community.

“It is a privilege to witness the depth of talent and vulnerability seeded throughout the dynamic catalogue of applications. The submissions showcased the region’s remarkable local talent and emerging projects, indicating a promising future for Geelong’s creative communities.”

Geelong Arts Centre’s Creative Engine, now in its fifth year, continues to invest in emerging projects, with forthcoming initiatives set to be unveiled throughout the year.

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