From London’s Natural History Museum, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59 brings world’s most extraordinary wildlife images to Geelong

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From London’s Natural History Museum, Wildlife Photographer of the Year 59 brings world’s most extraordinary wildlife images to Geelong

Hippo Nursery by Mike Korostelev (Russia), Category Winner Under Water, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
Words by Staff Writer

Witness the breathtaking spectacle of wildlife photography's finest, as the globe's most daring photographers showcase the wonders of the natural world in Geelong.

In a truly breathtaking display of nature’s wonders, Geelong has become the exclusive Victorian haven for the mesmerising works of the world’s most celebrated photographers.

The city’s National Wool Museum is currently hosting the 59th edition of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year, a highly anticipated annual exhibition on loan from London’s iconic Natural History Museum.

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Embarking on its 10th season at the National Wool Museum, this photographic display is more than just an exhibition; it’s a visual odyssey through the lens of some of the globe’s greatest image-makers. Imagine the breathtaking spectacle of animal behaviour, the vivid snapshots of spectacular species, and the kaleidoscopic diversity of the natural world—all captured in frames that blur the lines between art and nature.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year, originating from the esteemed Natural History Museum in London, is no ordinary photography event. For well over 50 years now, it has provided a global stage for the most astonishing and challenging sights nature has to offer. What started with 361 entries in 1965 has evolved into a colossal competition, drawing over 50,000 submissions from every corner of the globe.

This year’s spotlight is on Australian photographer Caitlin Henderson, who skillfully weaves tales of Australian flora, fauna, and climate change through her lens. The exhibition also shines a light on the People’s Choice Awards, featuring shortlisted photographers Ofer Levy and Charles Davis, both hailing from the land Down Under.

As part of its enduring appeal, the award-winning images embark on an international tour that will allow them to be seen by over a million people, including those in Geelong until May 19 2024.

Padraic Fisher, the Director of the National Wool Museum, echoes the enthusiasm. “This exhibition is right up there with the best that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting at the National Wool Museum. Along with an exciting schedule of activities, tours and learning programs Wildlife Photographer of the Year features alongside the playful, immersive and interactive installation WaVE/WeaVE by the Slow Art Collective.

Gifting attendees the opportunity to explore nature through a new lens, exhibition goers will explore the planet’s habitats, from sprawling urban metropolises to the deep polar seas, and meet the creatures that rely on these places. They will come face to face with species at risk of extinction as well as those we’ve brought back from the brink. They’ll also see first-hand how human activities, both good and bad, are shaping the natural world we rely on.

With soundscapes, videos, expert insights and stunning photography, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year isn’t just an exhibition; it’s an invitation to witness the raw, untamed beauty of our planet.

The exhibition is a testament to the enduring appeal of capturing the awe-inspiring beauty of our planet, reminding us all to stand as advocates for its preservation.

The National Wool Museum is open daily from 10am-5pm and The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is on exhibition until 19 May 2024. Tickets are available at the door and includes entry to all exhibition galleries. Head here to find out more