Five street artists you need to see at the Wall to Wall Festival

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Five street artists you need to see at the Wall to Wall Festival

The Wall to Wall festival is now in its third year, and serves as one largest celebrations of street art in Australia, and most certainly in regional Victoria.

Taking place in the country town of Benalla (which hosts a population of approx 14,000) over April 7-9, the event welcomes more than 20 street artists from Australia and the world to share their craft on the buildings and surfaces around town.

We picked five of the artists you need to catch if you make your way down this year.


Growing up in Barwon Heads before hitting Melbourne, RONE (aka Tyrone Wright) is known worldwide for his soft portraits capturing often women on a large scale. Also known for pushing the boundaries of surfaces to paint on, RONE has previously taken to dilapidated (yet beautiful) buildings set for demolition and a wall of windows to create his art. He often chooses a local woman to feature in his work, so chances are you’ll see another Benalla lass getting her face on a wall. Instagram: @r_o_n_e

Jenny McCracken

With fine art skills under her belt, Jenny is also well skilled acrossed many mediums; sculptures, 3D pavement art and particularly the trick of the eye murals. Her work has taken her around the world and that’s why she is the perfect person to undertake a 3D painting at the Wall to Wall fest. Site:

Jenny McCracken

Julian Clavijo

Also a multi-skilled artist, Julian brings his street art skills and highly impressive detailed works to Benalla. Focusing mostly on capturing people and the emotions they express, Julian says his focus has been on material engagement and colour. And his pieces are certainly engaging.

Julian Clavijo

Fintan Magee

Also painting around the world, Fintan Magee has a unique ability to take the environment around him and seamlessly work the street art into it. It’s almost as if the world has strunk in its presence. Also working on large scale formats, it will be interesting to see how the Benalla landscape inspires the Wall to Wall piece. Instagram: @fintan_magee.

Fintan Magee - Two Worlds, El Paso Texas.


Lending her talent to some of Melbourne’s most frequented streets, laneways and shopping centres, there’s a definite personality with each of Kaff-eine’s works. She recently did a series of works capturing the children of the Baseco slums which is one of the most marginalised areas of Manila. Her diversity speaks for itself in the works she has created. Instagram: @kaffeinepaints.


All images from artist’s socials.

When & Where: Benalla – April 7 – 9