Five easy ways to never pay full price for anything online 

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Five easy ways to never pay full price for anything online 

Words by Benjamin Lamb

If you're going to shop online with the big player, you may as well save as much coin as you can.

With deals and frenzies galore over the internet over the last few weeks, there’s a bunch of bargains out there that are worth your hard earned money. But sometimes there’s a few to many good deals that pull on the purse strings a little too much. We’ve scoured the web to make sure you get even better deals, and never pay full price for anything again.

Browser Extensions

No doubt you would’ve come across websites like Honey, which does all the hard work for you. You can add it to your autofill/browser, so wherever you get to the cart page of a shop, it combs the web for all relevant promo codes for some even further discounts. You can grab the extension here, it works for most browsers too!


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Mailing Lists

Most Aussie retailers have a pretty neat online store, where they usually do a bunch of their business. Usually, when you open up their main page, a popup will appear with a note to sign up to their mailing list, usually with a nice 10% off / 20% off code! And if you hate the emails, sign up with that fake account you’ve been getting free trials with.

Also, keep an eye on socials for discount codes too. Check your favourites brand’s Instagram stories as they often share cheeky codes or last-minute sale announcements. There are also influencers on Instagram that post discount codes so we recommend checking out the ‘tagged’ photos of your fave brands too.  Saving is saving.

Price Hipster

Another killer website out there is Price Hipster, an Aussie creation that’ll help you find a bargain for that item you’ve been longing for. You just type in the product you want, and it scans the Aussie retail landscape for any instance of the product, and it’ll list the bunch of prices they sell it for, you’re bound to find it for a cheap price. You can find Price Hipster here.


Yet another locally made website is the amazing Ozbargain. This is more just for the bargain hunters among us, it’s sort of like a social media site for them all. Every day, ‘Ozbargainers’ post deals from across Australia, whether that’s a two for one deal, a company giving away free samples, or even some unfortunate price errors that’ve come up on some online stores. Have a look at Ozbargain here.

Rewards Cards

This is mainly for bigger, franchised stores, but it’s a super-easy way to save a few bucks here and there when you’re shopping online. Most shops have a rewards card or loyalty card that accumulates points, which are equivalent to money, which you can use down the line to get your things a little bit cheaper.


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Bonus tip: leave your online shopping basket

Yes, this is quite cheeky, but simply choosing not to purchase the stack of items in your current basket can actually push retailers to offer you a discount.

All you have to do is leave your cart full then exit the website and leave it for a day. The online retailer will usually send an email reminding you of your left behind items. If you are lucky, the email will also come with a discount offer.