Five breathtaking live versions that are better than their originals, as told by Silky Roads

Five breathtaking live versions that are better than their originals, as told by Silky Roads

Silky Roads’ new single ‘Pomegranate’ is out now.

We hope you’re hungry because Sydney-based indie-rock quartet Silky Roads have just revealed their tantalizing new single ‘Pomegranate’ and it is an absolute treat!

Produced and mixed by Yossif Kay, the three and a half minute track is a heady slice of indie, psych-rock, exuding effortless confidence through its lucid instrumentation, ethereal harmonies and the assertive vocals of lead singer Guy Richards. Kicking off with smooth, groove-laden bass lines and steadfast drums, the band show their flair for extravagant production steeped in mystery as the bridge momentarily lightens the track’s dynamics, before launching into a rousing final chorus.

To celebrate the track, we got the band to share their top five favourite live versions of a song, original or cover.

“Sometimes something happens during live versions, something extra or unusual that lets you hear things in your own or other artists’ music that you’ve never heard before,” they say.

“Maybe it’s something about being completely in the moment? It’s cool that two of these are amazing covers that cast the original songs in a very different light… maybe a more personal light. Enjoy…”

Nirvana’s cover of Lead Belly’s song ‘Where Did You Sleep Last Night’ on MTV Unplugged.
This literally makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck. An epic version of an epic song. Extra poignant being just 6 months before Cobain’s death. It’s everything about his individual presence, gut-wrenching, visceral, emotional and desperate.

Pink Floyd’s ‘Echoes (Live at Pompeii)’
The unbelievable atmospheric quality of this version has everything to do with being recorded in the ancient, deserted amphitheatre. Seeing how some of the iconic Pink Floyd ambient sounds are made really adds to it as well. No audience but lots of ghosts…

Lime Cordiale play their track ‘Robbery’ in Studio’s 301
This is what we mean when we say that a live version can give you something else. The haunting piano intro sets up this version, makes it sound very intimate. Then they change the energy and jump into the track. We hope we get to hear that piano intro live one day.

Arctic Monkeys play their song ‘Four Out of Five’ live in the studio at Maida Vale.
This version is epic because it captures the essence of the whole record in the aesthetic. The team nailed the whole look, in terms of the dress and the studio/set design and the camera work. And no doubt the performance is also amazing.

Meg Mac covers Tame Impala’s ‘Let It Happen’ for triple j Like A Version
Clarity, purity. Stripped back to pure vocal harmonies. Makes the song very personal. Takes nothing away from the original, they feel very different, but still we really like it. LAV is such a great concept. It’s a real challenge to do a good cover, pay tribute to the original and make it your own too.

Check out Silky Roads’ single below.