FancyNormal make peace with the present on new single ‘Sober Spaceman’

FancyNormal make peace with the present on new single ‘Sober Spaceman’

Words by Kiera Varrese

The perfect summer track for long-awaited road trips.

Melbourne synth-pop duo FancyNormal are set to release their sophomore single ‘Sober Spaceman’ on December 4.

With a modern take on the 80’s sound, FancyNormal draws influence from artists such as Carly Rae Jepsen, MGMT, and more.

Comprising of lead singer Noni and producer Jules, the duo formed in April during the Melbourne COVID lockdown. After releasing their debut single ‘Ultra Passion,’ a shimmering ode to young love, FancyNormal were ready to up the ante.

‘Sober Spaceman’ is the second song Noni and Jules wrote and recorded together. The track features introspective lyrics hidden beneath sugary production and soaring vocals. With breezy verses building up to a euphoric chorus, the track brings to mind the 80’s-inspired alternative pop of LANY, Pale Waves, and MUNA.

Noni expresses her fear of risk-taking with the lyrics, “I dance on the edge, holding onto safety, I live on the peripheries of my days.” ‘Sober Spaceman’ encapsulates an uncertainty of the future that hits close to home as we near the end of 2020.

Noni says the track draws from her real-life experiences.

“I wrote the lyrics based upon a reflection of my life – I’m always on the cautious side of things and teetering on the edge, worrying about a ‘life not lived’.

This is a song to encourage others in the same boat to just step into life and live each day as it comes.”



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2020 has been the start of FancyNormal’s musical journey, with their EP  ‘Starts and Appetizers’ coming soon.

Pre-order ‘Sober Spaceman’ here.