Five awesome Geelong authors you need to check out

Five awesome Geelong authors you need to check out

Jane Harper
Words by Benjamin Lamb

The town just breeds talent.

Lockdown might be over but there’s always time to get into a new book!

We’ve tracked down some of the best Geelong authors across a bunch of different genres, so you’re bound to find something up your alley. Let’s dive into some of the city’s best book writers, and some of their best pieces we reckon you should check out. 

Graham Andrews

Book To Check Out: You’re On Air

Graham Andrews is a great local Author whose passion for the written word is undeniable, having authored a number of awesome books over the years, and has helped shape some of the best authors today. He writes that his passion for writing comes from cycling, which sparks ideas and keeps him motivated. His intriguing backstory can be further delved into below.

If you’ve ever dreamt of being the next super popular radio presenter, then You’re On Air is the book for you. Authored way back in 1995, it’s still as valid as ever, helping you write scripts for radio which can be some of the hardest scripts to write, so it gives you the ins and outs about doing it. 

It’s also a great read if you’re super keen about the industry, it gives an inside look about legal aspects of radio, and also shows you the great reasons for getting involved in local radio, and the cool things it can bring. Also diving into the reasons why community radio is so good, and the impacts it can have, enriching and impacting the lives of listeners

Check out more about Graham Andrews here, and Buy You’re On Air here.


Jane Harper

Book To Check Out: The Survivors

Popular author Jane Harper is one of our most famous exports, with her books finding fans in all corners of the Earth, in places like the UK and America. Her New York Times bestseller The Dry which has been adapted into a film featuring Eric Bana. Harper studied both English and History, so each of her books are extremely well researched, and historically accurate. 

The Survivors is Jane Harper’s fourth release, and is a pretty awesome crime thriller, in it’s a standalone book too, so you don’t need to check out any other books before it. The book is set on the Tasmanian coast, and gives a bit of a Hollywood flare to our neighbour to the south. 

The book sounds pretty intriguing, it’s about a man who made an unforgettable mistake, and after travelling to meet his family in a faraway town, and all the guilt resurfaces when some crazy stuff happens. About writing the book, Jane noted ““It’s been a lot of fun researching and writing about such a fantastic part of the country.”

Check out some more info about it, and buy it here.


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Helen Garner

Book To Check Out: One Day I’ll Remember This

Helen Garner is one of our nation’s most celebrated authors, writing a number of great fiction and non-fiction books, autobiographies, and some pretty awesome screenplays. Garner had an interesting upbringing, transforming from a home growing up that “didn’t have many books” to becoming one of the best authors in the country. 

Check out her autobiography ‘One Day I’ll Remember This,’ all about a love affair she had during a tough time in her life, and how she balanced the affair throughout a large portion of her youth, and ultimately, how it culminated in the writing of one her most popular books, The First Stone, in 1995. 

The raw and heartfelt piece being an interesting look into the life of the author, pick it up over at Dymocks here.


Nicki Edwards

Book To Check Out: Operation Mistletoe Magic

Nicki Edwards is yet another great Geelong author that has garnered a bunch of fans across the country and beyond. Another interesting personality, Edwards works as a critical care nurse, her experience in the hospital influencing a number of her books and its characters. 

One of her books you should check out is Operation Mistletoe Magic, especially if you’re a fan of those classic romance novels. The best thing about Edwards’ books, is that they have a heap of Australian references, and a bunch are even set in Australia, so you can imagine yourself in the story. 

As the title suggests, the book’s set during Christmastime, when protagonist Melissa Allen doesn’t have anyone to celebrate Christmas with, and after spending the holidays with family friends, she meets someone special.

Check out all Edwards books and buy Operation Mistletoe Magic here


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David Hicks

Book To Check Out: The Devil Inside

David Hicks is another awesome Geelong book writer whose experience outside of the fiction world has helped him create some pretty phenomenal books. His debut has garnered a bunch of positive buzz, it’s a book you can’t put down. 

Hicks worked as a cop for a number of years, and slowly over his time in the force, he put pen to paper and came up with The Devil Inside. It’s a book about a murder, and the ensuing police case, with Hicks using his experience to take readers on an extremely close-to-exact replica of trying to solve it.

Grab it here and try and solve the murder for yourself.