A few awesome locally-owned Geelong bookshops to check out

A few awesome locally-owned Geelong bookshops to check out

Words by Benjamin Lamb

We've rounded up the best bookshops for bargains and rarities.

While the weather’s dropping and we’re staying in and enjoying time inside a lot more lately, that means it’s book season, so it’s time to update the bookshelf.

Sure, grabbing a digital book off Amazon’s great and all, but why not head to the community bookshop, have a chat to the amazing staff, support local business, and immerse yourself in the never-ending world of the printed word.

There’s no question that regional shops have a unique sense of community and truly love the support, so today we’re diving into some of the coolest and quirkiest book purveyors that Geelong has to offer.

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The Book Bird

Nestled away in the heart of Geelong, The Book Bird is one of the region’s most popular independent bookshops. They believe in creating a memorable experience for all customers, their store being a mecca of creativity, knowledge and wisdom. They’ve been a mainstay of Geelong’s book shop scene since 2015, and have quickly established a loving community and loyal customer base ever since.

Their range spans across all your favourite book topics, from Gardening to Travel and even have a vast array of Architecture hardcovers. On top of that, they’ve got books from your favourite fiction writers and new books from some of Australia’s best up and comers, where you might just find your new favourite.

The shops amazing staff top off the Book Bird Experience, where they’ll happily have a chat to you about your interests to make sure they recommend you the perfect new novel or a cool biography.

Check out some more info over at their website here.

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The Itty Bitty Book Van

The coolest Geelong Bookshop comes in the form of the Itty Bitty Book Van, your child’s new favourite bookseller.

It’s a pretty snazzy decked out old school caravan, called ‘Enid’, creating an on-the-go children’s bookshop. The van is full of the coolest kid’s books, classic Aussie staples, new picture books, and a bunch of awesome chapter books for those older kids out there.

Many of the books they stock are penned by Aussies, making sure it’s an awesome community experience. The van puts together a heap of awesome free readings and events, and the amazing team behind the van give cool recommendations to truly make sure the next generation is a book-loving one.

It’s all about making sure the kids have an unforgettable experience, the ornate space and bevy of books assuredly foster a love of the printed word.

They travel around a bunch of spots across the city, so check out the van’s Twitter and Instagram to check out what Geelong location they’ll be hitting next.

Books Around

Located on the super popular James St, you’ll find Books Around in the basement of number 24. Stepping into this bookshop is like stepping back in time, with hundreds of books across a bunch of genres packing the walls, filling the basement store with that classic old book smell, making you never want to leave.

Their massive range of second-hand books is bound to please every type of book reader out there, and at pretty low prices, be prepared to leave with a bunch of things to read without really breaking the bank. Books Around is a wonderful family run business, with owners that will give you some awesome advice about what books to dive into next, and will even take some books off your hands, being a second-hand book reseller.

Surrounded by James St’ hustle and bustle, a visit to Books Around will just top off your day in Geelong.

Check out some more info on Books Around here.


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Read Heeler Bookshop

One of the most popular spots on this list is the Read Heeler bookshop, one of Geelong’s most popular booksellers. They’ve got pretty much any book you can think of from the rarest medical book to that bestseller that’s sold out everywhere else.

The dirt-cheap range will keep you occupied for hours, with a wide second-hand selection spanning every genre you can think of – from the latest quirky Science Fiction Comic to the classic Aussie favourite, Wombat Stew.

As seems to be the case with many Geelong book shops, the staff are absolutely amazing, will go over and above for the customer, and try to give them the perfect recommendations and the best deals. Read Heeler is often referred to as the lowest cost bookshop in the whole Geelong region, a large portion of the hundreds of books they have in stock are priced under $10!

Check out Read Heeler at 192 Moorabool St, there’s not much online about this shop, so you’ll have to head there to check it out!

The Cuckoos Nest

If you’re a bibliophile with a passion for rare books or an avid reader out for a bargain, Geelong Cuckoo’s Nest is the place for you.

Having been forced to close their storefront in Whittington back in 2019, the store continues to boast their eclectic range, fiction, and non-fiction, online. You’ll find everything from General Fiction, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and Children’s and Young Adult Fiction, to Military, Biographies and Memoirs, World History, Sport, Cooking, Self Help, Australiana and a wonderful range of vintage and rare books.

And they’re ridiculously cheap! As an added bonus if there’s something special you’re looking for and they don’t have it, owner Pam is more than happy to try and source it for you. What an absolute superstar.

Check it out online via the website.