Dishlickers: From punk to funk, De Porsal break the mould in trailblazing third album

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Dishlickers: From punk to funk, De Porsal break the mould in trailblazing third album

Words by Alex Callan

De Porsal may well be one of the only up-and-coming acts out there with the power to influence veteran musicians.

Their first two albums, Soft Cowboy, and now Dishlickers, stand up as a slap in the face to anyone who has ever said ‘It’s all been done before’. 

A self-proclaimed ‘mutt’ album, Dishlickers spans everything from egg punk and jangle pop to blues and funk. What makes it even cooler, is the fact that each song on Dishlickers was written and recorded over a single day. As a result, it maintains a boisterous improvisational nature, effortlessly flowing between different styles, eras and ideas to deliver an off-the-cuff release that can only be described as individualistic. 

If it sounds like I’m frothing, it’s because I am. 

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From the angular art-punk nature and showgrounds MC vocals of ‘Orate’, to the herky-jerky blues rock flavour of ‘Germany Germany’, and the punk-infused psychedelic on ‘Films’, it’s a sound that couldn’t be more their own. 

In a standout moment, title-track ‘Dishlickers’ sees the experimentation taken to another level, feeling as if the brothers plugged in their guitars and chucked them in the washing machine to create a chaotic psych-frenzied crescendo. 

If this is what these boys can create within a day for each song, I can’t wait to see what direction they head towards in the future. Based on the originality of their first two releases, it’ll probably be a genre that they invent themselves.

Dishlickers is out now on BDK Records.