Coles and Doordash are giving away free flowers for Mother’s Day this weekend

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Coles and Doordash are giving away free flowers for Mother’s Day this weekend

Send your mum free Mother’s Day flowers from Coles and Doordash.

On May 13 and 14, Coles and Doordash will be giving away 5000 flower bundles to deserving mums, step mums, grandmas and other mother figures.

The Coles floral arrangements, each worth $30, can be acquired through the Doordash app and a driver will drop them off at the recipient’s door within 45 minutes.

How to get your Coles x Doordash Mother’s Day flowers

  • Download and open the Doordash app
  • Find your nearest Coles location
  • Select your flower choice and add it to your basket
  • Use the promo code ‘MOTHERSDAY’
  • The flowers will be delivered in 45 minutes

Stay up to date with what’s happening in and around the region here.

No minimum spend is required – to get the flowers for free, you only have to use the code ‘MOTHERSDAY’ at checkout. Because there are a limited number of free deals up for grabs, we suggest placing your order early (and getting something else for your mum as a plan B, of course).

The free flower promo is not available at every Coles location, so keep an eye out to make the one closest to you is taking part. There is also only one offer allowed per Doordash user.

And it’s not just bouquets they have available – if your mum is the type who would prefer something that will last all year long, there are also potted plants including daffodils and hyacinths that she can tend to.

To download the Doordash app and order your free Mother’s Day flowers, head here.