Bendigo is Hosting a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl

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Bendigo is Hosting a Pokemon Go Pub Crawl

If you’re not playing Pokemon Go while at work, driving to the supermarket or while you’re on your daily jog, you’re way behind the game and you’re due for a catch up.

While we’ve all obsessively downloaded the phone app (which you can do here) after seeing it flood our news feed, a few people are taking it that step further with a few Pokemon Go inspired events.

The best event to cross our paths is the pub crawl in Bendigo held on August 13 from 3pm until late. The event was created by Campbell Stephens (what a legend) and is set to start at the Hibernian.

Even if you don’t live in Bendigo, the journey there and during the pub crawl is sure to get you catching plenty of Rattatas.

For more details visit the Facebook event. There’s also a less alcohol oriented Pokemon Go event happening in Melbourne tomorrow.