Battlesnake are bringing their 70’s inspired heaviness to Ballarat in April

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Battlesnake are bringing their 70’s inspired heaviness to Ballarat in April

Words by Staff Writer

Sydney-based rockers, Battlesnake, are gearing up for a monumental year in 2024, with their latest single, "Motorsteeple," primed to set the scene for an epic musical journey.

With influences reminiscent of the greats like Dio, Maiden, and Saxon, Battlesnake is ready to take their audience on a ride through the realms of heavy metal nostalgia.

Their latest track, “Motorsteeple,” features classic twin guitar harmonies, ethereal choruses akin to Ghost, and the bone-crushing riffage reminiscent of Black Sabbath. Described by the band as a “colossal church that hath no breaks, bound to the road eternally,” “Motorsteeple” promises to be a headbanger’s delight.

But Battlesnake isn’t stopping there. They’ve announced a massive eight-date tour across the UK and Europe for May, following select shows on their “Help Us Get To Europe Tour.” And nestled among these performances is a stop in Ballarat, promising the city a taste of pure heavy metal energy.

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Before they embark on their European adventure, Battlesnake will be gracing the stage at Volta in Ballarat on Saturday, April 6th. It’s a chance for fans to witness the thunderous sound and electrifying stage presence that have catapulted Battlesnake from small dive bars to sharing the stage with legends like KISS and The Smashing Pumpkins.

But how did Battlesnake rise to such dizzying heights? The band’s journey is one of relentless determination and undeniable talent. From humble beginnings in Sydney’s underground music scene to wowing audiences nationwide, Battlesnake has carved a path uniquely their own.

With influences ranging from Queen to Tenacious D, Battlesnake is a force to be reckoned with, blending elements of classic rock and metal into a sound that’s unmistakably theirs. And with industry heavyweights like Lemon Tree Music and Lonely Lands Agency backing them, there’s no telling how far Battlesnake’s ascent will take them.

As they gear up to conquer the stages of Europe and beyond, one thing is clear: Battlesnake is a band on the rise, ready to leave an indelible mark on the world of heavy metal.

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