Brother-sister duo Wild Honey strike gold in achingly beautiful debut single ‘Where I’m From’ 

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Brother-sister duo Wild Honey strike gold in achingly beautiful debut single ‘Where I’m From’ 

Words by Staff Writer

Surf Coast siblings Wild Honey find their voice with stunning debut single ‘Where I’m From’.

Sun-drenched melodies and groovy vibes await listeners in Wild Honey’s debut single, ‘Where I’m From’, a tender indie-pop ode to growing up that strikes a chord reminiscent of singer-songwriters like John Denver, Wild Rivers, and Angus and Julia Stone.

This sweetly-toned sibling duo, based on the Surf Coast of Victoria, comprises Lucy and her younger brother Daniel, who have been harmonising together since their childhood days. Their musical synergy is palpable, their voices blending seamlessly to create a captivating sonic tapestry that draws listeners in from the first note.

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In “Where I’m From,” produced by Ocean Grove talent Jordy Merry and mixed/mastered by Geelong’s renowned Isaac Barter, Wild Honey effortlessly melds folk-inspired melodies with indie-pop sensibilities. The song’s instrumentation is a lush fusion of acoustic guitar, gentle percussion, and subtle electronic flourishes, creating an atmospheric backdrop that perfectly complements the duo’s heartfelt lyrics.

The song serves as a poignant reminder of the passage of time, as Lucy, a journalist, and Daniel, a history major, merge their love for storytelling with smooth vocal tones.

For Daniel, the journey of releasing these songs marks a poignant milestone. “Lucy and I have been singing together for years,” he shares, reminiscing about their childhood escapades singing folk tunes during family road trips. Now, with their lives taking them a few hours apart and filling up with adult responsibilities, their music serves as a bridge between past and present, a testament to the unique bond shared by siblings.

Lucy adds depth to their creative process, reflecting on the genesis of ‘Where I’m From’ and its evolving significance over the years. “We wrote it a few years ago, contemplating what it would feel like to look back after everything changes,” she explains. Distance and busyness may have altered their dynamics, but through their music, they capture the ephemeral nature of home and belonging.

And the result? A three-minute heartfelt ballad that encapsulates the bittersweet essence of growing up.


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With its lush instrumentation and evocative lyricism, ‘Where I’m From’ offers a glimpse into Wild Honey’s musical ethos, rooted in the rich tradition of folk storytelling.

Lucy explains, “We love singing stories that feel significant. It’s always been the drawcard of folk music for us; it tells stories.” Their debut single sets the stage for an exciting journey ahead, as Wild Honey embarks on a musical exploration of life, love, and the passage of time.

Merely the first taste of brilliance from this promising sibling duo, ‘Where I’m From’ serves as a testament to their talent and potential.

With its captivating melodies and heartfelt lyricism, Wild Honey’s debut single is a must-listen for anyone craving authentic storytelling and soulful melodies.

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