Barwon Edge kicks off exciting new chapter with the opening of its Coffee Window

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Barwon Edge kicks off exciting new chapter with the opening of its Coffee Window

This marks just the beginning of what's to come from the ALMA and Felix team.

In case you missed it, the iconic Barwon Edge Boathouse is undergoing a magnificent transformation, and the first exciting change is already here — the coffee window is now open!

Coffee lovers can rejoice as they can now grab a cup of delicious Cartel Roasters Coffee or indulge in delectable pastries from Ket Baker from Tuesday to Sunday, between 8 am to 12 pm. The only way to access this treat is via the driveway for now — not the river track.

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But, obviously, that’s not all! The Barwon Edge Boathouse, or Barwon Edge as its now being named, is in for a massive renovation under the enthusiastic ownership of the team behind ALMA and Felix—Jesse Hughes, Sarah Horsburgh, and Matt and Amelia Baird. Known for their prowess in creating exceptional dining experiences, they have grand plans for this iconic site.

You may already know ALMA, the contemporary South American shared-style restaurant, and Felix, a remarkable and elegant dining spot. Now, this talented team is ready to breathe new life into Barwon Edge, a hidden gem adored by the Geelong community.

With their signature flair for creating stunning spaces, they are planning a complete transformation set to reopen in September. Brace yourself for two incredible offerings.

The iconic Barwon Edge Boathouse is being transformed by the experienced team at ALMA and Felix 

First, a restaurant and event space in the main building that promises to be refined, timeless, and beautiful—taking inspiration from the revered ALMA and Felix. Expect an ambiance that will elevate your dining experience to new heights.

Second, the team will expand into new territories, offering a more casual and family-friendly alternative. Picture a relaxed cafe where you can catch up with friends and family, savoring great, authentic food with little fuss.

“We feel privileged to have the chance to operate such a much-loved and iconic site in Geelong and are really excited for people to see the renovation and what we have in store.”

While September feels so long away for something so exciting, the coffee window which is now open provides the perfect opportunity to keep a close eye on the progress and enjoy some tasty treats.

Barwon Edge is located at 40 Windsor Rd, Geelong. Follow their journey on social media or visit for updates and more information.