Culinary artistry meets unparalleled elegance at Barwon Edge, the riverside gem reimagined by the ALMA and Felix team

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Culinary artistry meets unparalleled elegance at Barwon Edge, the riverside gem reimagined by the ALMA and Felix team

Credit: Ryal Sormaz
Credit: Ryal Sormaz
Credit: Barwon Edge - Ryal Sormaz
Credit: Ryal Sormaz
Credit: Ryal Sormaz
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Nestled on the banks of the Barwon River, Barwon Edge stands as a testament to the extraordinary culinary journey that awaits those seeking a contemporary and luxe Middle Eastern dining experience.

Gifting the region an unforgettable journey through Middle Eastern flavours, Barwon Edge, a beloved icon on the banks of the Barwon River in Geelong, has reopened following a remarkable transformation by the skilled hands of the ALMA and Felix team.

The dynamic quartet in Jesse Hughes, Sarah Horsburgh, and Matt and Amelia Baird, known for their success with ALMA, a contemporary South American gem, and the elegant Felix, is breathing new life into the iconic Barwon Edge Boathouse and quickly earning the reputation as one of the most splendid dining experiences in the regional city.

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The story begins with ALMA’s decadent arrival in 2017, followed by the launch of Felix in 2021. Now, the team (with a reputation for creating stunning venues) is weaving their magic once again, bringing a touch of refinement, timelessness, and beauty to Barwon Edge.

The riverside locale, cherished by locals, faced an unexpected closure in May, leaving the community in shock. Little did they know, the ALMA and Felix team had exciting plans in store, introducing two distinct offerings to Geelong.

The first, a refined restaurant and events space, which officially opened back in September, delivering on the promise of a distinguished menu, edgy styling, and exceptional service that patrons have come to associate with ALMA and Felix. The third-installment has the same magic, but with a distinctly opulent and regional spin suited to the larger space.


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As you step into Barwon Edge, you are immediately enveloped in an atmosphere that transports you to the heart of luxury. The restaurant itself is a masterpiece of design, featuring custom furniture and an enchanting blend of oak finishes, meticulously curated by Flux Interior Design and Pleysier Perkins Architecture. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light, providing a picturesque view of the Barwon River and creating an ambiance that is both warm and sophisticated. The textured bar, adorned with classy details, beckons guests to indulge in handcrafted cocktails that complement the rich tapestry of flavours on the menu.

Every inch of the space is utilised to its full potential, ensuring an intimate and immersive dining experience. Luxurious dinnerware and glasses grace the tables, adding a touch of opulence to each meal.

Speaking of the food, Barwon Edge’s contemporary and inventive take on Middle Eastern cuisine is showcased through family-style sharing plates and traditional ingredients. Here, the chefs skillfully weave together Middle Eastern spices, herbs, and cooking techniques with locally and environmentally sourced ingredients to create innovative dishes, reflecting their dedication to quality, freshness, and purity, respecting the environment and the communities they serve.

Whether you opt for the Chef’s Selection, a delightful 3-course or 4-course journey, or choose from the tempting a la carte options, every bite promises to be a taste of something extraordinary. From house-made flatbread and half shell Tasmanian scallops to slow-cooked lamb shoulder with braised chickpea, tomato, and date, and crispy fried chicken, there’s no wrong choice. Further highlights include oven roasted market fish, braised goat, charred eggplant, and the fried haloumi, complete with poached dates and apple.

Indulge further with desserts, including the caramelised filo with chocolate and macadamia or savour the vanilla rice with poached strawberry and blake cardamon. The menu is a symphony of Middle Eastern-inspired delights that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

As for the drinks, creative cocktails feature alongside beer both on tap and in the fridge, alongside an impressive curation of Australian and international wines.


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The restaurant is open for Dinner from Thursday to Monday and lunch from Saturday and Sunday.

The second offering, due to open in December, is a more casual and family-friendly alternative, featuring a relaxed eatery complete with a cafe. Ideal for laid-back catch-ups or family outings, this space will offer great, authentic food with minimal fuss. It’s a place where friends and families can gather, enjoying the same high-quality dining experience in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Barwon Edge is not just a restaurant; it’s a destination redefined by the ALMA and Felix team. Get ready to embark on a culinary adventure, where exceptional food, inviting ambiance, and warm hospitality converge on the picturesque banks of the Barwon River. A new era has begun at Barwon Edge, and you won’t want to miss a moment of it.

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