Bands Rally Against Sexual Assault And Violence At Shows With ‘It Takes One’ Campaign

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Bands Rally Against Sexual Assault And Violence At Shows With ‘It Takes One’ Campaign

A campaign kicked off by local rockers Camp Cope has found the support of numerous music industry voices with their ‘It Takes One’ campaign, calling for punters to call out and stand up against violence and sexual assault at live music shows.

“This video campaign was inspired by ongoing conversations between us and other bands about how awful it feels to have someone get hurt, assaulted or upset at one of your shows,” reads a Facebook post from Camp Cope. “We wanted to channel that emotion into one clear message where we can express our stance on the issue and also make it something hopeful by encouraging the idea that every single person at a show is important and can make a significant difference. It’s up to the artists, the audience, the venue, everybody, to make a show safe.”

Garnering support for many influential voices, the video features the likes Dom Alessio, Jeff Rosenstock, King Parrot’s Slatts Everyday, Clowns’ Stevie Williams, Amanda Roff of Harmony and Time For Dreams, Frenzal Rhomb, Jenny McKechnie of Cable Ties, and many more. The campaign centres around the idea that it only takes a single punter to stand up and make a difference.

“A show is meant for everyone,” said Tyler Richardson of Luca Brasi. “No matter your age, no matter your gender, no matter your sexual preference, no matter a single thing. We’ve had enough of violence. We’ve had enough of sexual assault. We’ve had enough of any behaviour that does not belie respect.”

Watch the video for yourself below:

If you experience assault or abuse of any kind at a show and would like to speak to a professional, contact 1800 Respect.