Back to Back Theatre unveils provocative new production Multiple Bad Things

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Back to Back Theatre unveils provocative new production Multiple Bad Things

Words by staff writer

Get ready for a theatre experience that challenges the norms!

Back to Back Theatre, an Australian theatre company making waves nationally and internationally, is set to premiere their latest work, Multiple Bad Things. Directed by Artistic Associates Tamara Searle and Ingrid Voorendt, this thought-provoking production promises an immersive exploration of inclusion, identity, and intersectionality.

Starring Natasha Jynel, Simon Laherty, Sarah Mainwaring, and Scott Price, Multiple Bad Things takes a bold leap as the first major work by new directors in seventeen years. The narrative unfolds in the workplace, where three employees grapple with questions that resonate in today’s rapidly changing world. As civility slips away, bad behavior escalates, and reality distorts, the play ventures into the chaos of the witching hour. In the end-of-the-world workplace, who will be the scapegoat?

Multiple Bad Things

Geelong Arts Centre – 11th to 13th April 2024
Theater Nationale Brussels – 10th to 12th May 2024
Malthouse Theatre Melbourne – 29th May to 9th June 2024

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Directors Tamara Searle and Ingrid Voorendt share their perspective, stating, “Multiple Bad Things reflects the uncertainty and change happening in the world during the time in which it was made. How do we live and work together in a time of crisis and division, in the face of multiple bad things? How do we keep our senses of humour and hope intact?”

Ensemble member Sarah Mainwaring describes the play as “about manipulation and the taking of power,” predicting it to be a powerful work. Scott Price, another ensemble member, encourages everyone to attend, emphasizing the play’s support for the local, disabled, and autistic communities.

In a collaborative effort, Back to Back Theatre has invited new voices into the devising room. Zoë Barry’s score, assembled from collected field recordings of “bad things,” and Anna Cordingley’s design, demanding physical participation from actors, add unique dimensions to this theatre experience.


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Hailing from Geelong, Back to Back Theatre stands out as an Australian theatre company with actors who identify as having an intellectual disability or as neurodivergent. They are recognized as one of Australia’s cultural exporters, contributing to the country’s richness and diversity.

Multiple Bad Things has been co-commissioned by Kunstenfestivaldesarts (Brussels), The Keir Foundation, The Anthony Costa Foundation, Geelong Arts Centre, and Back to Back Theatre’s New Work Donor Circle. Development support comes from Une Parkinson Foundation, Sidney Myer Fund, and Give Where You Live.

Get ready for Multiple Bad Things – a theatrical experience that challenges perceptions, provokes thought, and pushes boundaries.

Don’t miss the premiere seasons in 2024! For more information, visit Back to Back Theatre.