All Our Exes Live in Texas

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All Our Exes Live in Texas

All Our Exes Live In Texas are an all female group known for bringing their harmonic vocals to folk music, but let’s get one thing straight: they’re no girlband.

“We have been battling the term,” says Georgia Mooney, who plays the mandolin in the band. “It is interesting, but in a way we also want to celebrate that we are all women, so it’s hard to know the right way to approach that particular term.”

Although the band doesn’t follow the labels pegged on women in music, they’re still hoping they can inspire women to push themselves forward in the industry.

“We hope to inspire other women to not just see those natural avenues of singer-songwriter kind of stuff, but also being able to branch out into roles that are not as common.” explains Elana Stone.

All Our Exes upcoming debut LP is still in production, but the band is already excited for what’s happening. “We’re working with a cool band this time, and that’s probably been the most challenging and exciting part,” says Elana whose brother Jake Stone, known to most as the frontman of Bluejuice, is currently collaborating with the band for the album. Among other well-known home grown talent to play a part in the creation of All Our Exes’ album includes Boy and Bear bassist Dave Symes and acclaimed producer Wayne Connolly. “He likes to stroke his ARIAs!” jokes Georgia. “He’s just a real easy, fabulous guy to work with, so we’ve had a very fun time. Sometimes we’re like, are we having too much fun?”

With the album well on its way, its future release wouldn’t be possible without the excessive support from their fanbase through crowdfunding. “It’s been so great to know that there is a reception for your music and to be able to offer people little personal gifts and rewards,” says Elana, who has previously used crowdfunding for her solo ventures. “I think it’s a fun way of basically giving people our music and also funding the record.”

In return for donating funds, fans are able to recieve in return signed albums, a house concert, whaky merch (including personalised teaspoons of each of the members) and crotched dolls by Georgia, a self-confessed Star Wars fan. Moving on to the tough questions, she knows exactly what would go down in a lightsabre battle between her and any Star Wars character of her choice.

“I’d just decapitate Yoda,” she says laughing.

Although described by Elana as “beautiful, nerdy and crafty”, Georgia pegs Elana as the “cheeky and hilarious” one.

Soon to perform at the Summer Sundays event in Ballarat, the girls describe their perfect Sunday as having a picnic in the park with a couple of ice cold beers and a frisbee.

“I’m actually really looking forward to that show, it seems really nice,” says Elana, explaining that the band recently did a Sunday afternoon show in Fremantle. “It was beautiful…the kids are a really good element to the mixture, they are really hilarious beings and are very cute.”

“We’re a really friendly band, we’re non-judgemental to children!” exclaims Georgia.

For the year ahead, the girls plan to release their album and are currently filming a music video for their first single, which is “going to be a little bit creepy”. Following up the rest of the year with an album tour around the country, there seems to be no stopping for All Our Exes.

Written by Meg Kennedy

When & Where: Summer Sundays @ Botanical Gardens, Ballarat – January 31 [Free]