Felix Riebl: Lonely Truth

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Felix Riebl: Lonely Truth

Better known for his adventures with the Melbourne-based ska/jazz/alt-rock cornucopia The Cat Empire, Felix Riebl is most definitely an accomplished musician in his own right.

His latest EP, Lonely Truth, might lack some of the energy and punch of some of The Cat Empire’s releases, but makes up for it in both heart and sheer enjoyment. The titular track is a wonderfully progressive affair, starting as a Beatles-esque ballad before blossoming into a lifting alt-rock anthem that evokes memories of Powderfinger. Riebl isn’t afraid to mix it up, either; his vocal style switches from etheric to low and driving at the drop of a hat, and the variation makes for a moody, jazzy affair.

While there isn’t as much emphasis on brass instruments as The Cat Empire, they still make a triumphant return in the third track, ‘What Did I Learn’. Paired with a pounding snare and a jangly guitar track, ‘What Did I Learn’ manages to have both a desert rock feel – akin to the Arctic Monkeys’ latest release, AM – and the jazzy feel that Riebl is famous for. Although the style may vary, Lonely Truth definitely highlights Riebl’s talents, and is a fantastic addition to his body of work.

Out via My Shore Productions
Reviewed by Alastair McGibbon